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what do you guys think about generic ancillaries such as clomid and arimidex? what about IP ancillaries? in your experience do they work?

I use generics all the the time they work for me. As far as IP the only thing I have ever used from them is their 50mg Winnie pills. I liked them but have heard mixed reviews about eveything else they make

thanks T.

has anyone tried IP’s proscar/finasteride?

Generic MD & IP are both fine in my book.

International Pharmacuticals make a very reputable “underground” product. I’ve used some of their tests before in the past because of word-of-mouth. They worked great for me. I’ve never tried any of their ancillaries though, but if the quality is just as good as their other products, I would definitley try it/them.

Warhorse and Mass seem to like the all IP products, but I did some more checking/asking around and IP has been notorious in the past for underdosing in the liquids/injectables or I have even heard stories of it being the wrong compound. However, I haven’t heard of the same problems with their tabs.

TDog I would love to hear where you are getting your info from. IP is one of the largest undergrounds in existance (if not the largest) and they have proven integrity. I believe 5 of their winnie pills were assayed in strasseroids and they came out 46.5, 46, 45.9, and some other numbers right in the area. Yes, SLIGHTLY underdosed but come on, it’s friggin close enough. In terms of their ancilaries, I have used them and liked them, however I prefer cheap liquid products over just about everything.

Squatty, I am not talking about their pills. I am talking about their injectables. As I said I have used the winny pills with great results before.

oh yea there has always been a question about the sterilty of his products which I think has been the biggest drawback to his injectables. I am going back a year or two now, so I don’t know if he has changed or what – even if it has been corrected i just dont think i would use it out of personal preference, however I will continue to use his winny tabs.