Bros, I’m starting my first cycle next week. I’ll be taking 100 mg of prop EOD for the 6 weeks and 50 mg of winny (injectable) EOD for the first 4 weeks. I know that the dosages are low, but I’m simply not confortable with using higher dosages before I got some idea how my body reacts to AAS. I need some help with ancillaries. I want to prevent gyno (from prop, not winny, of course), and bloating with nolvadex (I can’t get adex here), what dosages do you recomend? I’ll start the clomid a week after last shot, but should I take HCG too? If so, would it be wiser to use it during the cycle (weekend protocol) - it is only a 6-weeker? TIA

typical nolva dosing is 10-20mgs/ed throughout. adex is readily available over the net. it is not that hard to find. you should use it. hcg is your call. you will shut down your hpta with 100mgs/eod of prop IMO so it can only help.

drago, when you say adex is available over the net are you referring to actual adex or liquidex?

i am talking about arimadex. the actual name brand arimadex tabs are very easy to find. not cheap. but easy to obtain

what is your take on liquidex?


DRAGO, what is your opinion on HCG protocols - after the cycle or on weekends? Since my cycle is rather short does it make sense to shoot 500 IU of HCG every weekend, or should I use it after the cycle? TIA

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big d… dont use hcg post cycle as it will inhibit recovery of your hpta. i like it on an every saturday and sunday protocol at 250-500i.u’s each day to stave off testicular atrophy. ending the week of your last shot.

THX Drago, I’ll take your advice

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