About to commence a 10 week cycle of testosterone enanthate on its own and will be using 300mg per week. Can anyone tell me if this low dose will requir ancillaries such as arimidex. I am aware of PCT and have taken steps to introduce appropriate messures at the conclusion of the cycle. I’m 51 years old and in pretty good shape given my long history of weight training. 5’ 6 tall/168lbs.

Most will say that given the low dose your chances of estrogen related sides are very slim. Even at 500mg/week a lot of guys get away without running an AI.

That being said, it’s always smart to have something on hand, particularly if you haven’t run Test before. Keep your bases covered so if worse comes to worse you’re not scrambling to get something last minute.

Just being curious here, what are your goals for this cycle?

At your age and at that dosage, you’re probably alright. Have Adex on hand and if you start to experience any sides you could start an Adex protocol.
Some would argue to run Adex anyway.
Good Luck. Your going to like it.

I doubt that there will any gyno issues at 300mg/week. Adex will work if gyno appears, personally I prefer nolvadex. I had a gyno flare up once before and 40mg/ day nolv saved my ass.

Just like guns, airbags and condoms, its better to have and not need then to need and not have.

Thanks for all the replies guys. particularly like dthe comment about using Nolvadex instead of Arimidex; was wondering about possible sides with the latter. And yea, in answer to arthursaxon’s question, just looking to add a couple of pounds quality muscle and keep adipose down.

Ant other comments or advice would be appreciated. Thought about using Equipoise instead but think the test would be of particular benefit, given my age.