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Ancillaries off Androgel?

Hi all,

I wanted some feedback. I am on androgel (10g/d) secondary to what my endo thought was a pit adenoma. Turns out not to be the case and I want to get off androgel and let my own T level return, since it was most likely due to supp use.

Any recommendations for clomid, anastrozole or other ancillaries coming off? A protocol for androgel weening? Thanks.

i dont know of youll experience a crash or not. that said simply get yourself some clomid and or tribex and use it for a few weeks to be sure.

Used it before…my doctor didn’t know better and I can tell you that there are over the counter products that are more anabolic and a lot more dangerous than androgel. I would be more concerned about spreading the gel to my wife or girlfriend or my kids. That was the reason why my doctor prescribed Depo, instead of that funny looking cream. Androgel is very mild in terms of sides, unless you’re extremely sensitive to testosterone. If you happen to be, I would recommend clomid at 25-50mgs of clomid daily.

I’ve had a teffific response on it so you may not have been suppressed to the same extent as me. It is suppressive though and thanks for the girlfriend and clomid ideas. I agree.