Ancient Aliens: Do You Believe?

They maybe just as arrogant as we are. :wink:

I think if this is true, the answer would be Pangaea.


Ever thought that aliens would want to study different lesser species in the Universe. They would study humans for some purpose like how some humans want to find out how fly’s communicate with pheromones.
There are a lot more interesting things on Earth to study than just humans.
Something on earth could have a benefit to them.

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Thank you for that I just had a quick scroll through and it looks fascinating. I’m about to do 200g of steak and read through it properly haha :slight_smile:

[quote=“hugh_gilly”]Ever thought that aliens would want to study different lesser species in the Universe.[/quote]Quite possible. Or like ET maybe they are biologists. But I’m thinking the Earth being planet with life is like a drop of water in the ocean. For the most part the planet might be unremarkable.

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Just follow the money boys. No one makes a cent on NOT talking about aliens. But when there are books to be written and documentaries to be filmed and even web sites that can be donated to pockets are lined.

Aliens = nonsense

You just exposed yourself as a member of the illuminati/lizard people that have a vested interest in no one believing they exist.

Nice try though. :vulcan:


Ha ha…either that or a thinking adult.

Whichever is more fun I guess…

Yeah, the basics of these theories are based to assumptions that people were somehow less capable than today. Sure, some things have changed, but we are still the same specie. Homo Sapiens can do really terrific things if having enough time and resources.

Yes there is some open knots, but history, specially prehistory, is full of questions. Without the empirical evidence we must rely on rationalism. One good base rule is the Occams Razor: the simplest and most clear answer wins - which means that people have done these things without any help from mysterious aliens.

“Remember that time we used a whole bog roll in a day? You thought that was aliens too”

I was abducted by aliens in 1993 in Barstow California. I’ve still got the scars where they probed me.

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Good point. Given the massive effect the agricultural revolution had and that was a semi-random occurences that someone had. I mean the old revolution 10,000 years ago not the recent one.

I like Ockham’s razor but I don’t like it just invalidating a possible theory simply because it seems a bit out there. Ockham’s razor isn’t irrefutable, and in the case of loads of Ancient sky people in culture/mediums at the time there isn’t a simplest answer that I can think of:

Saying Humans are smart doesn’t exactly answer the question of[quote=“isdatnutty, post:1, topic:228586”]
Some of the drawings and paintings did present the ideas of “visitors from another world”.

I’m not saying it was Aliens, but it was definitely Aliens.

The visitors from other worlds in quite regular stuff if you think about it. Just think religions, specially the old animistic ones.

I do not say that aliens is not possible, but it is really far reaching explanation with the other possibilities in mind.

So the cause of the animistic beliefs is Humans conjuring it in their mind, not from certain events that might of led to these beliefs in people?

There was most likely some events that launched these beliefs, there usually are. Just look how religions are born.

But I’m having real hard time believing these events were caused by aliens. Too many unlikely factors there.

Nope, sorry I do not believe in aliens anymore than I do ghosts or a whole load of other things…for two main reasons:

1: Surely, if their was intelligent life out there we would have some pretty solid evidence for it right now…and we clearly don’t.

2: As I understand it, virtually all apparrent alien citations have been CULTURALLY specific…so, chinese people see chinese style aliens & people who were born in the 70’s style aliens, lol.

It is a nice idea though, I would never deny that…it makes for some funky sci-fi!

Maybe adbuct some people a few time. But they would never show themselves to us.

I don’t believe there is aliens near us, if alien exist I think they would be too far in the universe and at best at a comparable level than us.

I will believe there is aliens when they abduct me, but I wish they won’t and that I dont get to find out.

I dont think I would be very interesting specimen to them anyway.

Even then I think I’ll question my sanity instead.

How was it?

What makes you think it wasn’t something psychiatric instead?

Big light in the sky. My car roof ripped off and I started floating up towards the light. Next thing I know I’m surrounded by greys in lab coats. I think they gave me ketamine or something because I can’t remember the rest.

Given how short (relatively) the time gap between the evolution of humans from micro-organisms is, I am almost certain that if another planet has the capabilities to support life they would be extremely far ahead or behind in terms of progression.
The rate of progression in humans in just the past 10,000 years but multiply that result by 10 or 100 and that’s just 1 million years.

Earth only formed 4.56 billion ears ago and cells with a nucleus 2.5 billion years ago.
If a planet like earth stabilised and cells with a nucleus were around 4 billion years ago then the things on that planet would have a extra 1500 million years of evolution and advancement.

Imagine the rate of human advancement from people living during the ice age to now living in space and doing other great things multiplied by 150,000.

I’m fairly certain if conditions were the same for humans as they were for aliens they would be able to visit us in that time.