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After a frustrating web search, I’ll ask the experts: Does anyone know how much omega 3s are in anchovies?

They’re tasty, portable, and low on the food. Great in salads.


You’re right, it’s hard to get a definitive number for omega-3’s in anchovies. I know they’re up there along with mackerel, sardines and other oily, cold water fish.
I can’t deal with them though, much too salty. I’ll stick with no salt added sardines. Either in olive oil or tomato sauce.
If I find any #'s I’ll post them.

Oy…meant to say “low on the food chain.”

Thanks, snipe.

Have you tried rinsing them? Also, some specialty stores have house-cured anchovies, which are much mellower than the ones in the little cans.

“The content of omega-3s in anchovy is 34/100g fatty acids.”


No, I never did try rinsing them. Guess I was never into them enough to experiment. I recall a food magazine talking about imported salt packed anchovies as being the best and actually least salty after being rinsed.