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Anchors for Original 5/3/1, BBS, and BBB

I have a copy of 5/3/1 Forever and I’m trying to program my training for upwards of a year. I want to do Original 5/3/1, BBS, and BBB in that order. If I am comprehending what I am reading correctly all three of those are leaders (although Original may be both a leader and anchor). What are the recommended or most appropriate anchors for BBS and BBB? And at what point would I incorporate the respective challenges of those templates? I’m considering doing Original 5/3/1 for about a year if that’s sustainable and then moving onto BBS and BBB. Yes, I read the passages on each of the templates as well as the introductory passage that covers leaders and anchors…

What is your goal for this Leaders-anchor -cycle?

I think that the FSL template is the best anchor for BBB and BBS.

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I want to build a baseline level of strength and hypertrophy.

PR sets + 5x5 FSL is surefire choice then.

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Thanks! Yea, I like the idea of FSL. What is a sensible point to integrate the challenges for BBS and or BBB?