Anchor PR Sets, (Jokers) and FSL Question

Hello all,

I’ve recently bought forever and have a question:
I’ve done leader two cycles of 5’s Pro and 5x5 FSL, with 25-50 reps in each assistance category. Didn’t miss any reps throughout and bar speed seemed good so I’m confident in my TMs. For my anchor I’m planning to do 351 PR sets, potentially jokers on the 3 and 1 weeks (based on bar speed and how I’m feeling on the day) , with 5x5 FSL as supplementary, pretty much laid out as on page 66/67 in Forever. However my question is that this seems like both more volume and more intensity than the leader, so is that acceptable? As Jim says “if something else goes in, something needs to come out”- but what needs to come out here? Or am I just completely overthinking this and need to get stuck in?

Cheers, Shrike.

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Probably over thinking. The book should have a bunch of suggested achors for the leader you are doing. When I am in doubt I just follow what is in the books.


Thank you, I probably am overthinking it… After all I’m just following the book word for word!

I’ll complete the cycle as is and post results

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I’ve run jokers. I’ve run the every week for 3 weeks, every other week, none. I’ve done just a single joker set, jokers up to training max, and jokers until my eyes bleed. I’ve run jokers after amrap set. I love the joker concept.

I would save them for the last week and just hit singles. They will run you into the dirt quick if you try to do jokers every workout every week.
Maybe joker legs week 3 and press on week 1. Or pick squat/ OHP week 3and Bench/DL week 1.

Don’t be afraid to do the jokers but know when you are getting run down mid cycle why you are and make the adjustment.


Enjoy should be fun! I got a great surprise hitting some good jokers way beyond my TM on this final week of Pervertor anchor im doing. The volume is ok still fsl should be fine, if you hit jokers and ur wiped after cut the fsl to 3 sets if you want, you already hit the goal of the session right?
Accessories your doing like 50-100 reps? throw in BW or band stuff to hit the reps if its too much with weights or wtvr.


If you want the leader to be more volume do something besides 5x5 FSL. If I recall correctly I thought he said that is typically not done as the leader but it “can” be. Here is what I recommend.

  • If your doing the leader as higher volume like BBB, then do 5x5 in the anchor
  • If the leader is 5x5 do something even less in the anchor, I would just keep it simple and do a widowmaker at FSL, this can be as low as 10 reps especially if your doing the jokers. It doesn’t have to be the hardest set of the day, just something to get a bit extra volume.

Ive even done second set 5x5 as down sets after jokers…