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Anchor Phase: Any Assistance Work After PR Set/Jokers/Supplemental?

I’m currently on my Anchor phase and doing PR Set with Jokers and for Supplemental 5x5 FSL, would guys recommend doing any Assistance after this or just stop after the Supplemental?

Yes, Jim recommends 50-100 reps of assistance from each category for this type of anchor. Do you have Forever?

When I do 5s pro and something like FSL, my assistance includes dips, rows, split squats, RDLs, etc and is in the 50-100 range

When I am doing PRs, work at my TM, jokers, etc my assistance is more like tricep isolation work, some rear delt, back extensions, etc in the 25-50 rep range.

This works well as you would expect because it is basically all in the Forever book.