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Anavar's Effects on Mood/Energy?

Was gonna start a Var prop cycle… started with 20mg of anavar… felt like ass. Super speedy. I think may have been Winny… breathing was hard & kinda speedy but lathargic feeling. Been about 2 yrs since I did anavar so maybe I’m just over reacting. But usually good anavar you don’t feel anything. At least that’s how I remember it… just nice hard muscles & vieny…
If this is Winny I’m fucked got a shit ton & 8 weeks of this will blow

I was going to say this exact thing. 50mg of anavar felt approximately like 0mg of anavar. It’s one of the things that makes it so enticing.

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I know it’s probably Winny :weary:

I’m kicking my self now… I was just in Mexico. But the convenience of UGLs is so nice… they are good for injectables most times & peptides but tbh Orals hard to say… VAR is tricky
Winny pretty does same but I feel like Ass & it should be cheaper . It’s like buying a hooker and u take off bra & see it was stuffed. Your still gonna bang her but just ain’t the same product u thought u was getting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You can get pharma compounded Var through a lot of private clinics nowadays.

You’ll pay more obviously but personally I’m glad to pay extra to get guaranteed quality

My clinic has Var for very cheap, considering the mg/pill. Way less than my “guy” could get lol

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That’s awesome, I remember thinking I was getting HGH really cheap until I saw the price you were getting haha.

How’s that been by the way? Have you gotten IGF-1 tested or upped your dose?

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Still at 2iu, haven’t gotten labs yet but feel good, little bit of water retention when o upped the dose. Thought I would get labs last month but clinic didn’t require it

Same for me, I guess 2.1iu technically (0.7mg).

It’ll be interesting to see your results, that dose puts me right around 300 ng/mL for IGF-1.

No sides so far and I was thinking of going up to 2.4 iu but I don’t know…I feel good now and GH is not something I want to take too much of long term.

I’d say I feel how I felt on Tesa/Ipa, and that had IGF-1 right above 300. I’m probably close

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How do you guys feel that igf levels impact growth? My igf on gh is around 120. Before that all my life it was around 70. Insulin didnt increase it one bit. Im trying MK now and if that doesn’t work, last option is peptides. Are you fitting through the door with that igf?

Do you think I could get it through my TRT clinic? I never thought to ask… see guys talking about HGH. I used to get it through my TRT spot but it’s cheaper just to buy direct from supplier. Imo the Chinese stuff is fine don’t see a big difference

Hi Hank Here is my natty IGF-1

And Here is my IGF-1 using the peptide Ipamorelin nightly for 3 months.

I just started using it again in the form of CJC1295 with DAC @ 200mcg. Ipamorelin stand alone only has a half life of 2 hours. HTH