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I’m researching the possibility of an anavar only cycle, about 30 mg a day.(I can get it cheap).I am in season so the goals are more athletic than anything else. I would like to gain strength throughout the season. yes, I know its not the greatest cycle, but I have some constraints. I will be drug tested a little over a month after the cycle would conclude. That by itself limits my choices considerably. I thought of stacking it with a class 2 like dbol but decided against it because that does not go with my goals. The only other that would be usable that I have found(due to detection times) is test prop. Would the test be helpful in my goals? or should I just stick with the anavar, since i’m not really looking for dramatic size gains. Also, i’ve seen comments made here and there about anavar affecting stamina. is this true, because that would be an issue.
any input is greatly appreciated.

Why not go with the d-bol too? You think those guys in the NBA are clean? The d-bol would clear a little faster, depending on the test, but for my money I always go with the strongest shit I can get, in your case the prop.

maybe then 30 mg a day anavar for 8 weeks and 15 mg a day dbol for 4-6 weeks? I purposely picked the low dosages because I am a first timer. what kind of strength/mass gains do you think would occur?

I personally found the d-bol to be rather weak, so at that dosage with a clean diet, I’d say maybe 10-15lbs.

would that low a dosage still require nolvadex and such?

First off I would up the var dosage to 40 mg. if that is going to be the only aas you are going to be running.

I would not take any oral longer than six weeks because of the tole it takes on your liver.

If you are going to inclde the d-bol run it at 25 mg. ed for 4 weeks.

If you are going to run the d-bol or the prop. then yes you will need the nolva during and clomid for pct.


Are you being tested by an organization that uses isotope ratio tests, if so the prop could show up as long as 12 weeks after.

If you can get anavar for a good price, then go with it, you will keep way more gains and can ignore the nolva which is also tested for as nolva use would extend past your cycle, could run unto testing issues once again.

thanks for all the responses guys. The testing is by the ncaa. Thats a good point about the nolvadex coming up in testing, so I think i will rule out the dbol. probably just the anavar then.

Am I correct in thinking that there will be little mass gains from the anavar? I read somewhere that that is why powerlifters like it, because they will not go up in weight class. I chose it for the strength characteristics, but am curious as to about how much size would be put on.

can anyone validate the side-effect of loss of stamina while on anavar?