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Could you guys please provide me with some information on this steroid? I have done a bit of research online but I would really like some first hand knowledge of anything you guys can give me really. I would really like to hear some stuff from you guys rather than some scientist on a wacky website. It would be my first cycle so I appreciate it guys.

Its a 17-aa oral, and is very simmilar to primobolan, half life is around 7-9 hours. It isn’t very suppressive, but also isn’t very potent either. A minimum of 40mg/ day is my recommendation, but even at that you shouldn’t expect too much gains off it by itself. It is a class 1.

Pris-22 is right on.
I’ve used var only and liked it at 40mg/day however this was for some added strength only. Size was not my goal. It is good for people who want to gain strength but not size. IF you want size you need to add test, eq, etc

If size was your goal you could save money by just going with Test/dbol and a good anti e like nolv/arimidex.
var is nice for athletes or sometimes when you’re trying to get lean…but not so great for size

It may or may not be great for size increase, but I know of at least one O-lifter who had set a few American records on only 20mgs a day of the drug. A friend of mine also had a tremendous strength boost from only 7.5mgs a day, so it may be stronger than you think. Great stuff.

It’s a great drug if you can get it for a good price. Otherwise I’d run D-bol or Anadrol if you don’t want bloat then try Tren 400-500mg 4-6 weeks. You would no doubt see some great gains off of that and your stength would increase as well.

This is just what I heard of course…hahaha!

Thanks for the info guys, even more would be great!

Yea, this would be for a wrestler, so weight is an issue (weight classes and all). Looking for maximum strength gains with allowance for gaining a few pounds, but like 6 or 7 max. Will only be used for like 2 months in the summer.
Maybe this helps. Thank you.

At 7.5mg - 20mg I doubt there would even be much suppression of the htpa with this drug.

Do you have any info on when your friends drug use and drug testing. If he set records then he would have been tested. Any info (time off till drug testing, what year the test was) would be great.

I am a bit confussed by htpa still. I dont want to suppress it do I? So then this would be good?

If for wrestling try 25-30mg for a few days then see if you can go down to 20mg/day and get good results. As galv says some guys get what they need off low doses. You can even experiment with 10mg for added strength with no weight gain

It wasn’t my friend who had set records, but a prominent lifter of the 80’s. I think they only tested at Nationals in those days, and the test itself was pretty easy to pass if you stopped using in time. From the guys I know who lifted then a week off of orals was all that was needed. We’re talking '84 thru '88 here.

Ok, so say I was to do this starting in 2 weeks, so the 3rd week of may. I need to be back to school for preseason workouts the first week of september. So thats a total of 13 weeks. The recomendation is that I start on about 25mg, and see if I can work it down anywhere from 10 - 20mg. How should I judge what my optimal usage is? Finally, when would it be recommended I stop usage to be cleared by the latest around the end of september. Thanks guys.

I guess the best way to determine your optimal usage would just be to keep a log of your workouts. If your lifting, diet, and recovery is adequate you should be getting stronger from week to week. Then again I don’t know how much you should really expect from taking 25mgs of anavar only every day.

Last time I was in TJ oxandrolone was going for about 100$ for 500mgs. Probably double that is what you will pay in the states, and your looking at one expensive cycle.