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Anavar,Winstrol,Primobolan Advice


could i get advice when and how to take. need to be out of the system come october.
thanks in advance





wow thanks so helpful


Get anthony roberts' book!


well you can't expect somebody to just lay everything out for you. give us a sample layout of what your considering and somebody might assist you



proabably not a good idea to use primobolan if you are getting drug tested. The other two compounds should be fine. Orally var is 40mg per day, and Winny is 50-100mg per day. Injectable winny is 50mg ed for best results. The depot of course will stay in your body longer as well, so it is better and more cost effective to use orals instead.


thanks, reading speed trrap they say they were only taking 5mg of avanvar for angela isogenko. and only 2mg of winny when ben started using it with furzabol.
are these low dose's recommended.

do would using var by itself help or would stacking it with winny be better.


I don't know what sport you are using steroids for, but you have to understand two things. Sprinting is won by one hundredths of a second. So a tiny amount of AAS may be all that is needed to get that extra step on your opponent, and avoid a positive drug test in doing so.

Also from what I remember, C. Francis, had indicated that Ben was extremely sensitive to AAS - you may need more to achieve the results you want - I of course don't even know what that is.

In BB circles of course the dosages used are many times more what is used by these performance athletes.


im using to improve sprinting performance. but not sure what's best for me?


definitely the winstrol - you should experiment with dosing. Start low like 25 mg per day or less, and see what gives you results.

I would be very guarded against using the compound for any longer than three weeks at a time however.

Btw what does your week of track workouts look like?

In University I actually had a track coach who ran for the Mazda track team out of Toronto with Ben back in the day - This was more than 10 years ago :slight_smile:

Fack were the workout grueling.

And I didn't have any juice, or massage therapy to work with.


in speed trap he was only using 2mg/day.
my track work...well i use CF's methods.

also is the winny to easy to detect now days??? or if u are outside the clearance time are you safe?


There is another thread going on right now, I am sure you hve checked it out, but it seems the drug of choice back then was furzobol.

who know wtf they are using now, but it is probably a mixture of insulin, GH, and some undetecable steroid of some kind.


About 10 yrs ago, it was said injectable Primo was not detectable, that is incorrect today or was a misconstrusion?


don't forget IGF1! the insulin/hGH has been used since the early 90s, just look at the some of the recommended feeding schedules that many sprinters were following.

as for injecting primo, you can get popped over a half year out.

i am not sure if ben ever had furazabol in his system, but i am willing to bet he had more winny than he thought.