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Anavar - Winstrol (Cutting)

This is just for information (learning).

Quite a few people like running anavar only cycles.

Quite a few people dont like running winstrol only cycles.

If you took away the joint pain u get from winstrol with supplementing with joint lubricating products, why else wouldnt u do a winstrol only cycle supposed to people doing a anavar only cycle?

Lets say its for a person with a good built and low body fat, just looking to cut up for summer for example.

No need for test, the person is not aloud to gain weight as his occupation does not allow him to.

what kind of occupation will not allow you to gain weight?

a soccer club…if ur bigger u go to a higher age group determining ur body fat % etc etc

well then wouldnt it be unwise to use steroids as an athlete. dont they drug test you? suppose thats beside the point.

Im no expert on stacking gear… but for cutting, why not try the Efedrine/caffeine/aspirin stack. It works.

Try Clen. that stuff will shred you.

nope…wanna maintain size as much as possible while getting cut and hard - the aim is trying not to lose even 0.01 % of muscel - and if a 1-2 pound gain is made…well then thats just a bonus…