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Anavar/Winny Cycle Ok?


Hey im new in the forum , im 31 ,220... its been a long way for me , i started 2 years ago on my training , i was 300 lbs back then.
About a year ago i did my first test only cycle and 5 month ago test/win. Now i wanna start Anavar, i have win left ( a lot) so im thinking to try them together, dont wanna do test so much since i get a lot of water weight and i feel like im going back instead, also i dont wanna do a 3 month test cycle for a bit.

im thinking of var 100mg/day win 50mg/day x 8 weeks
i might do a test 250mg/week but no more than that

Is this recommended ??
is test necessary ??

i read many different things about PCT, some people say you dont need it some say you do , i think i should if i run test but im not doing a test cycle...

any help will be appreciated

thank you


Well, you clearly haven't performed sufficient research..

but anyways, I am not of the belief that that level of orals intake will destroy your liver, but to be safe, you should get your enzyme levels checked especially if you are considering running that dose for more than 6 weeks.

You should most definitely run testosterone alongside it. I would recommend 70-100mg test prop every day with .25-.5mg adex ever other day.

pct it definitely needed 3 days after last injection: nolva 40/40/20/20


I did some reserch and i find that everybody has a different view on it, some say dont take 2 oral at the same time some say is not a big deal.
i might do an liver cleanser too just in case.
do you feel like i should do 8 weeks var and 4 weeks win ?
what would be you ideal cycle ??
thank you very much Mr Walkway , your input is very much appreciated