Anavar vs. Winstrol

First off let me say that I know what my answer would be: Anavar all the way. There is no joint pain, there is no added strain on the ligaments and tendons, and there is no multiple injections (if you choose the injectable). Plus I feel like anavar will get you much harder than any winny posible. Now don’t get me wrong, not everyone experiences these problems or they just don’t care. Some people are die hard on winny and would never think different. Use what you know and tell what your opinion/experiences are. My reason for posting this thread is not to be informed, it is to inform.

I have done a lot of research on var and winny on my own and have recieved tons of great info from others in this forum and come to my own conclutions. Now I would like others to recive the same info that I have recieved and have taken in.

I have read many articles and have seen many surveys on each but have never seen the two compared (positive effects & negative effects)on paper or the on net in this way. That is why I am asking you to give any opinions you might have on the subject so that others who are pondering on whether or not to use one or the other, they can make an inteligent decision on their own.

Thank you

I have to say that some people seem to do fine on Stan, but I think they are the exception. Most will experience some rather unpleasant sides from Stan–some, of course, more than others. However, even if you don’t FEEL any side effects, Stan, in my opinion, is just to harsh on lipid profiles for me to feel safe using it: 6 mg. ED lowers HDL by an average of 33%! 6 mg.!

After my last short (5 week) cycle–which was the third in a row utilizing Stan–I got a mild hamstring tear even though I was in a cutting cycle and, thus, not trying to train super heavy.

My joints also hurt like hell, and I just felt…well, crappy.

Anavar, on the other hand, makes me feel like a Spring chicken! Seriously, Anavar is a very “clean” anabolic. Very seldom do people experience any sides to speak of. Anavar has–psychologically speaking–the exact opposite effect from Stan: I don’t feel like my joints are going to crumble, I’m not stiff, flexibility is not effected, and I sleep better knowing that Anavar is neither particularly toxic to the liver, nor likely to throw my lipid profile severly out of whack.

As for what Anavar does, rather than what it doesn’t, I’d mention nice respectable strength gains, a real hardening of the musculature, increased vascularity, and modest LBM gains (especially when stacked with more androgenic AAS).

Anavar stacks well with other more androgenic AAS, as it is very anabolic, with minimal androgenic properties. However, don’t suppose this makes Anavar a “weak” steroid. Anavar actually has strong binding to the AR. It is non-aromatizing, thus no AI or anti-estrogen is needed if Anavar is used solo or with other non-aromitizing AAS. One of my favorite cycles is Anavar and Tren. It works exceptionally well for both cutting and lean bulking cycles.

For those dieting, some studies have shown that Anavar specifically increases the rate of abdominal fat loss (see Cy Willson’s “Steroid Dieting” article.). Not too bad!

For my money, it’s Anavar every time over Stan.

P.S. Anavar is no longer outrageously expensive, which is just another reason to choose it over Stan.


Anavar, imo, is a far superior product,
I believe you get everything out of it you would from winny with some added benefits. I believe what weighs most people decisions the most would be the cost difference (orals) as well as availability.


I would recommend Anavar stacked with Deca. Anavar does not work as well by itself, IMHO


Anavar is much more potent than people give it credit for. If one were to take 50mg anavar/d compared to 50mg anadrol/d the results would weigh heavily in favor of var…Cost is the limiting factor to doing this as most var is dosed 2.5mg-5mg/tab. My personal experience w/ it was running 30mg/d for 6 wks leading up to a show. I was also running 400mg eq/wk and I came in at my best condition to date…So yea, I give the nod to anavar over stan.