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Anavar Vs Winstrol


Cant find anything actually comparing the two. i hear their almost the same but i want to know what both are better for. I am trying to do some research for my next cycle. any help is appreciated, thank you.


Here's some profiles on Anavar:

Here's some profiles on Winstrol:

My personal opinion is that Anavar is a great all-around, yet mild steroid. Good pumps, good performance, mild gains, and very little sides. Winstrol is a bit better for fat loss (at least looking) and better for strength and gains, though still mild, but is very harsh on the body.


People LOVE anavar because of the safety factor.

They give the stuff to kids, girls even, fairly long term.

Unless you seriously abuse it and yourself it will not affect you much.

Downside is that it is a tad weaker and more expensive than winny in my limited experience..

I could get my hands on winny if I really needed to, I have almost no access to anavar I would trust to not be fake or underdosed, its rare to me atleast.


I havent tried Var, but have used winny 2 or 3 times - both injected and orally, i can quite honestly say i have never noticed any effect from it in the slightest.

No noticeable strength, no nuthin!

I think that when/if i next incorporate it into a cycle for a reason other than to stack with drol, i will run it at above 50mg a day.
I just find it so damn expensive too! The tabs are ok i guess.. but for approx. $150 for 6 weeks at 50mg a day (non-powder), there are so many better options.

I really do consider it a competition only drug. Personally.

I am aware that some use it regularly, but often it is in the belief that they NEED to as they are trying to reduce bodyfat from 18% to 12%.. they ask the local 'bodybuilder' what is best for cutting and the local 'bodybuilder' says winstrol, anavar and clen.. (seen that oh so many times in the gym)



I too have used both. Neither one is particularly good in my opinion. I have never used either solo so my opinion may be skewed. Var is very expensive and hard to get so I honestly doubt if I will ever use it again. I did have an interest in using it as a bridge as I read that small amounts are not suppressive.

But the previously mentioned statements have moved me away from that thinking. That and I don't like the idea of being on all the time. Winstrol will only be used along side anadrol. The joint issues and weak nature of the drug make it an unappealing choice to say the least.


A friend of mine whos about 25, been training for 8 years or so...

Ran a pretty standard winny cutting cycle but did so with a very mild bulk diet, but with PLENTY of cardio.

He actually got pretty strong on it, his weight is about the same but he has a much more quality look, and he certainly lost bodyfat.

He ran a PCT, and all in all he kept pretty much all his gains.

I, as most people are, was under the impression winny was a cutting steroid but this isnt necessarily true, just because its weak doesn't mean it cant be used to break a plateau, and certainly will prevent muscle breakdwon during cardio.

He was very happy with his cycle, and it worked out great for him.

If you just need a minor strength increase to break a sticking point, var and winny arent a bad choice, they just dont produce dramatic results, and most of us that are willing to juice are looking for DRAMATIC results.


Good post, and this is an example of a way of using steroids that i personally like, agree with and recommend in some certain situations.

Needless to say, I totally agree.