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Anavar vs T-bol


Two of my buddys have been at it for the past few days about what is better for putting lean muscel will looseing a few pounds of body fat anavar or o/t. I am tired of hearing about it and thought you guys might be able to put in your 2cent worth In hopes of shutitng these guys up.

They are both about the same hight and weight 217-220 and areound 16%boddy fat and have been lifting for about 5 year.
Please help shut these 2 up!!!


I doubt anybody is going to help you out here, you need to clarify your question first, very confusing.



anavar in a study has shown inherent fat loss abilities. i think it is a great gear to use on a cut. 16%bf is failry high to run steroids, i would drop as much ft as possible then when that slows anavar could be used. var is more androgenic that is why it can aid in strength increases. size gains are minimal.

tbol is more likely to give slow muscle gains. possibly 1-2 lbs a week in a 6week cycle. strength gains are minimal. while anabolic muscle gains are steady.


what would be better for putting on lean mass anavar or ot?


I like both of these drugs, T-BOL to get the cycle going and I just got done with a bridge where I used 40mg of var daily, didn't lose anything, I was using 4 ius a day however. There isn't much difference for me in what I get, I get more strength from anavar, but I don't gain as much size. Tbol really pumps you up and adds some size rather quickly. Good drugs, get them both.


So if I understnd this right A person could have grear results of quility lean muscel if they were to stack them together.



Any sides from the t-bol?

I'm condidering a t-bol stack but I like what I am reading about Anavar.

If I did a 3-4 week cycle of T-bol and then switched to Anavar for 3-4 weeks would this have any benefit? or would it pay just as well to run a 6-8 week cycle of t-bol only or Anavar only.

I'd like to reduce the side effects on hair as much as possible. I can counter again liver probs with milk thistle, liv52 etc.

if I took finesteride with the cycle would it be of any benefit?

These questions all go towards my research.





noticable physical gains from tbol occur at around wk 3.5, so imho a 6week cycle is about ideal for this drug. blood values like most orals get screwy.

just run two seperate 6week cycles. keep about 8-10weeks between them.

red rice yeast and milk thistle for cholesterol and liver.


Sides on the T-Bol, no, nothing I noticed. I really like the stuff, I have never used any heavy orals i.e. Dianabol/Anadrol due to the liver toxicity and hair loss. Even though I have a full head of hair, I don't want to even start with anything of the sort. I have a friend who used lots of Dbol and he lost alot of hair, made him look like a clown.

I was using 50 mg a day, like the pump and the gains, good drug, cheaper than var, seems to be a little more effective.


I would never use an oral alone, you are not going to get much from the drug in my opinion. Use at least 300 mg of a test ester a week, along with an anabolic like EQ. That is what I do, orals alone, especially weaker orals are just going to burn holes in your wallet and leave you with little gains. If you are worried about hair loss use 5mgs of finasteride a day, along with .5mg of arimidex, that will keep everything kosher.


Is Decca the only AS that you shouldn't use finasteride or dutasteride with?

I mean: What mild AS's are safe to use with finasteride/ Dutasteride and which arent?

My research is almost done and this is pretty much the last thing that I'm having trouble finding out. Could you help me?

I guess I'm just confused about the effects of using a DHT derived steroid like Winny or Primo and taking something like Finasteride or Dutasteride.



If you wanna add lean muscle and lose fat I would actually try t-bol over var as long as your diet and training was spot on, and most peoples aren't.

Why don't they each go on, one on var and one on t-bol, write down all their starting points, record their diets and training and see what happens.
they should take the same dose mg for mg on the same days.

They would probably improve just from the standpoint of starting to record what they are actually eating and how they are training.


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Anyone know where to get tbol on paper?


I'm not sure how to phrase this without sounding like a douchebag, but here goes:

If they're both on different steroids, and started with the same stats, shouldn't it be obvious (in their cases) which steroid is better for gaining lean mass and losing fat?

I'm thinking that a scale or something would be useful here...


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A true comparison isn't possible, no.
Like I said...a scale or "something" ...since they are roughly the same stats and training histories, I would think that if they are on MG for MG doses, the better steroid would be pretty obvious, as there must be one of them making more gains than the other.

I mean...if you put one person on 50mgs/day of Drol and 50mgs/day of 'var, you'll see differences quickly enough. I'm sure they can gague the more effective steroid in their situation, even if it's subjective.

I mean...the simple answer is that Tbol will produce more weight gained, ceteris paribus.


"Ceteris paribus" Hey Tony your education is showing again. We'll have none of that on this board. If you can't use phrases like 'wasup', 'dude' or 'bro' in your posts then your just not welcome;-D


That's Latin for "Not for Nuthin'"...

Roughly...more or less...