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Anavar vs. MAG-10?


I have never taken AAS but have taken MAG-10 Destroyer. How would the gains of a month to 6 weeks of 40g/day Anavar only compare to taking the label-recommended standard dosage of MAG-10 (6-12 caps a day) for the same period?


noone had an opinion?


did you just post asking about 1AD and anavar?



no that was someone else. Ive actually been wondering about how anavar effects compare to MAG-10 for a long time. MAG-10 is my only frame of reference


Personally? I have never done a stand alone anavar cycle but I can't imagine it'd do a whole lot more than MAG-10.

That shit worked like magic. If you had never done AAS/prohormones it would pack 15lbs on without a hitch.

Although, there are some folks over on elitefitness who are saying 100mg/ed of var is like magic. I don't think I'm quite to that point however :slightly_smiling:



Watch out for really bad back pumps if you use Var over 80mg+. I took it as high as 120mg, excellent effect, crippling back pumps.



how about sides?

On MAG-10 and for 2-3 weeks afterwards my sex drive and performance were impacted fairly considerably. How would anavar compare in this regard?


Did you use PCT? If so, what'd you use?



TRIBEX. For a little more heh detail. Basically, I couldnt feel a damn thing while boning (near impossible to nut for example) while on MAG-10 and didnt really want to be boning particularly. And then afterwards I felt like a zeta male/pussy for a couple weeks.


Anavar has been compared to Turinabol (T-bol)... and I would hands down choose T-bol at 60mg a day again over the regular MAG-10 dosage... same sex drive increase, same 10-15 pounds of hard muscle, wayyyyy cheaper.


Then things went back to normal?


yeah they did go back normal but I consider being rendered a poorer lay for 5 weeks or so a pretty bad side. I trying to score some summer action here and want to be at top of game.

by the way, from above, someone talking about t-bol increasing sex drive? Mag10 significantly decreases sex drive


Not in my experience, or that of most other users.


well how about Anavar? Does it increase or decrease libido? And post-cycle, after 4 weeks of 40mg/day? I know people experienced somewhat suppressed T after Mag10. Would Anavar be better or worse?

I wish mag10 was still around -- that's what I would be taking but as it's not, I curious about the alternatives.


Little late for this thread.. but anavar does not shut down your own testosterone levels at all.


Really? I can't imagine that it's not at least minimally suppressive. Though maybe low-dose nolva would be all that's necessary for PCT. Like the previous poster, when I did a MAG-10 cycle, I also had sexual issues. And it's not supposed to be suppressive.

Another poster on another thread recommended proviron while taking MAG-10 and low-dose nolva afterwards. If I did so again, that's probably what I'd do.


Well, the first thing to say is that the comparison being made, to 40 mg/day of oxandrolone, is a comparison to something not very much.

Perhaps the first aspect to look at is simply the amount. 40 mg/day works out to 280 mg/week. What anabolic steroid gives really impressive results at 280 mg/week? Not one that I can name.

Second, I've personally used oxandrolone at 150 mg/day and the results were very little. I believe the reason for this is that oxandrolone works only as a Class I androgen: that is to say, it lacks efficacy in the non-androgen-receptor-mediated mechanisms that are necessary to best growth.

Incidentally, cutting the oxandrolone to 75 mg/day and adding in 75 mg/day oxymetholone, thus giving same total milligrams but a mix of Class I and Class II, gave explosive results. And just as oxandrolone itself was not very effective at 150 mg/day, neither is oxymetholone by itself at that dosage. So this is a very good illustration of synergy.

There are even women taking oxandrolone at 20 mg/day not to gain muscle mass, but for treatment of AIDS. So there's another illustration of how 40 mg/day is not very much.

However, oxandrolone has significant suppression if taken more than once per day even at doses as low as 20 mg/day.

Just another fact to know about it is that it has similar liver toxicity to any other 17-alkylated steroid, contrary to some claims.

MAG-10 by comparison worked similarly to a typical 1 g/week steroid stack, according to the experienced steroid users that participated in a trial we offered, as well as in findings among those known personally here and myself. There are of course efficacy levels even beyond that, so it's not that that was the maximum that could ever have been done, but it was very nice for a legal supplement product.

Unfortunately all this is moot because the government has declared the actives in MAG-10 to now be controlled substances. So it's a question of historical interest only, really.


Very interesting. Good info, Bill. Thanks. Of course, MAG-10 is not illegal everywhere, and there's a pretty solid stockpile.



Would 75mg/day of both anavar and oxymetholone be exceedingly liver toxic? I haven't heard anything from you here in a while, so is it safe for me to ask you if you've found anything to help combat the liver stress associated with these compounds?


And what kind of PCT would you think appropriate? For just 75 mg of anavar alone, many people just use nolva and eshew more sophisticated PCT protocols.