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Anavar vs Halotestex (Halotestin)


what is the difference, if any, between these two and is the halo stuff safe for females? if so, do we use it differently then that of the anavar?


from what I understand its not good for women to take. Many better steriods out there for sure or stick to the var. Is that you in your avatar?


yes from last yrs prep..i will be dieting jan 2012 for 2 shows..april and july 2012. i figd as much about the halo stuff, just wanted to be certain. I never used anavar..so curious about it for my next prep, I have a facebook link with all my pics there..shows, shoots, preps..offseason..

thanks for the response, :slightly_smiling:


very solid build very impressive for sure.


thank you..been in this game many yrs


Prohormones are precursers to steroids. They require two passes through the liver,more toxic imo.
Stick with the Anavar. If it's for your girl,5mgs a day should work well with minimal sides.


I remember reading about Halo years back, if I remember correctly it is one of THE most liver toxic and androgenic steroids available. If my memory serves me correctly and this is true then it makes

a) a poor choice for anyone who wants to use it regularly and who values their liver

b) a poor choice for any woman ho doesn't want a huge clit, back and facial hair and a deep voice.

I believe oral primobolan is the least androgenic and least (if at all) liver toxic oral steroid, meaning that hypothetically (I'm not qualified to give out steroid advice, especially to women) it would be a good choice to a woman due to the virtual absence of androgenic side effects.

HOWEVER it is heavily counterfeited, I managed to get some pharm grade (Shcering) oral primo years back in 2004 from Thailand and even that was expensive. I understand anavar is more widely available but also heavily counterfeited which can pose a serious problem to any women if it contains more androgenic compounds such as Dbol.

Good luck


thanks so much! I was looking into it for me for next prep..still just thinking about whether I need it or not..my diet works for me but i tend to lose too much muscle in the process. I go from offseason 130lbs to 100lbs on stage wo would like to hold on to at least 5-8 more lbs for this next prep.