Anavar vs Deca to Complement TRT?

On trt and want to add something, but trying to be as safe a possible in terms of health (hair loss, lipids, heart disease etc).
Considering short blast of oxandrolone (4weeks) vs longer blast (16 weeks) of say nandrolone 250-300.

Hoping to avoid an AI. I know the oxandrolone would crash lipids, but it’s only going to get used maybe 2 4-week cycles a year. Nandrolone seems safer but duration would be much longer…

Thoughts on adding or the other?

Four week cycles are a waste unless you’re using tren. Even then no. Use deca.

Keep trt and see what 250 deca? What’s highest dose u think in general wouldn’t need an AI?

My TRT doc had me on 50mg Anavar for 100 days. Yes, really. That was how it was prescribed. Blood work came back nearly the same as it was before the Anavar. I’m not saying that it’s risk-free, but it’s certainly much less liver toxic than any other oral out there and I think perhaps the danger is a bit overblown. And I agree with the gentleman above who said a four week cycle is a waste. He’s 100% correct. So if you’re going to run it then you should probably push it out at least six weeks (I would say eight, but that’s because I know how long I can run it without issue; you may have a very different reaction to it than I did).

You don’t need an AI on those dosages.

How did ur cholesterol look?

I took 50 mg oxandrolone and my hdl went from 46 to 17!

What dose of nandrolone could I push without needing an AI? 300? 350?

LDL was two points lower, from 73 to 71. AST/ALT were normal as well.

Anavar is best for Womens.

U never used pharm grade oxandrolone, that stuf is magical!

I would be hesitant to use deca, which has an extremely long ester, whilst on TRT. Ive never researched it, but god forbid its still in your system when you go for bloodwork and your doc suspects something.

If youre willing to, NPP is the same as deca only with a shorter ester, so you just need to pin EOD as apposed to 1x week and is out of your system much faster.

I’d say just get your hands on test prop and run an 8 week cycle with elevated test levels. Safe and simple.

My doc writes the deca… lol

Would that change your opinion?

Deca seems safer etc on skin and hair line…

Oh, then fuck yeah id run that deca.

He prescribe the var too? If its pharma id hop on that shit, although you might need to pick up a second job.

You can say that again. My RX for Var was $800 for 100 pills (50mg). That’s a mortgage payment.

Best options whilst minimizing impact on health would probably test prop followed by NPP. Wouldn’t be worth doing for less than 8 weeks though in my opinion. Have to go on bloodwork for AI use but NPP added to your trt might not need anything extra

Anavar is very harsh on lipids on all bloodwork i’ve seen. It’s right up there with Tren and winny etc and four week runs of this wouldn’t be worth it in my opinion.

What about deca? Same as NPP but different ester. That still apply pex?

yeah deca is the same. If you can make the longer ester work for you go for it but i wouldn’t use it for less than 12 weeks

Ur Hdl remained the same?

Last time I ran oxandrolone my hdl went from 46 to 17, and my ldl went from 117 to 181. I was on test at 500 and an AI… so not sure what my lipids would do on just oxandrolone plus trt
Mi just keep reading how nandrolone can affect blood vessels. One study showing it 11x more toxic than test on vascular endothelial etc. another study showing adverse neurological effects.

I know deca seems safer but I wonder if short runs of oxandrolone is safer than long runs with nandrolone