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Anavar vs Carbolin 19


For real? better than anavar for $29?I (may) have used a cycle of anavar a while back and it was the shiznt. After reading the info bout Carbolin 19 I would love to hear from anyone who has used it or is on it now. It sounds to good to be true. What's the real story?

I loved Alpha Male and used that while cycling MAG-10. From what I read here it sounds like I didn't need to. Anyway, the new Alpha Male has Carbolin 19 in it. It sounds great to stay on. Any thoughts?

p.s this is my first post- late 20's been training 14 years, I maintain a very good diet.


I would love to see a comparison of 100mg of pure forskolin vs. 40 or 50mg of var on TRAINED ATHLETES. I hate comparisons of non-trained people to trained people. I've used brief ccles of var and Carbolin 19 and I got better results off var - var is more immediate compared to Carbolin 19 but that's not saying much. IMO


Well, the verdict is in and Carbolin 19 is no var! I was on Carbolin 19 longer than the var(14 weeks vs 12)12 weeks between and the results are obvious. That's all there is to say. I am still however a big fan of Alpha Male. It is pretty good stuff.


Well, I think it would be a problematic comparison if not defining what one means about what oxandrolone will do, however the article did define that.

You will find some individuals that have very good results from oxandrolone: but for that matter I know two men that got quite good results from 12 mg of Dianabol per day (it was an odd Dominican Republic product with 3 mg/tab instead of the usual 5 mg.)

But in general, the great majority will see absolutely nothing from that. However, someone who did may object to any supplement claiming to perform better than their 12 mg of Dianabol, even though any supplement that does anything would do better for most men than such a low dose.

There are many scientific studies showing modest dose anabolic steroid usage -- and 20 mg/day, 140 mg/week is definitely modest usage -- showing no significant gains.

Myself, 75 mg/day oxandrolone does little, if by itself. Well, except promote aggression: anger in traffic and once at the Post Office. But muscle gain, nothing much.

But the Carbolin 19 article does not leave it up in the air as to what amount of gains is being compared to. It gives the exact figure from the oxandrolone study in question, gaining 3.9 lb LBM while losing 7 lb of fat in 12 weeks. Carbolin 19 can do better than this.

But if one thinks oxandrolone to do much better than that figure, well, then Carbolin 19 may not do what one thinks of oxandrolone.

I tend to expect that a lot of this result, regular forskolin beating 20 mg/day oxandrolone in this regard, had to do with diet. Anabolic steroids aren't best suited to gaining LBM at the same time as losing considerable fat mass. Great for retaining LBM under those conditions, but not for gaining much. You have to eat to gain if wanting to gain muscle with anabolic steroids.

I really wouldn't expect many men using only 20 mg/day oxandrolone to gain more muscle mass than in that study while losing that much fat. The study looks about right to me.

Btw, if your comparison was going to be to being on a bulking diet, I suspect the oxandrolone would appear in better light. But that wasn't the study that was done, and Carbolin 19 wasn't being promoted as a bulking-phase agent. The article was pretty specific.

For a lot of people it's great to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time, instead of in sequential phases. Forskolin is good for this, and Carbolin 19 does better than forskolin, most likely on account of its much longer duration of action and better bioavailability.