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Anavar vs Anavar Tbol


ill probably be running the compounds in the bill Roberts 2on2off fashion with tren ace at50mg ed from day 1-7 for each 2 weeker.

I get my var and tbol at the same price so money isn't an issue.

for each 2 weeker would YOU rather run:

day 1-7: tren ace 50mg ED, 100mg anavar ED
day 7-14: 100mg anavar ED


day 1-7: tren ace 50mg ED, 50mg anavar ED, 50 mg tbol ED
day 7-14: 50mg var ED, 50mg tbol ED

which one and why? (goal is to cut/recomp)


Use the tren up to day 10. Also, if you want to get big, short cycles suck big hairy donkey balls.


Option #1 because anavar is safest on your hairline, your prostate.


Not gonna see much from 2 weekers. The purpose is to use high doses, so ace at 50mg ED is not enough. Run the ace at 100mg a day, stop day 11. Run the oral from day one to day 14.

Honestly I've tried a few two weekers and basically when you actually think your seeing gains it's time to stop.


I have tried the 2 weekers before and have to agree that I only start noticing anything on day 10

I am considering maybe doing a 6 week cycle, but the problem is I am going have a time frame of only 7 weeks and then I'm leaving on holiday, and I really don't want low test on holiday and even doing pct on holiday coz nolva and ai kill my libido and make me feel shitty in general.

I have never run a cycle longer than 3 weeks so I'm not sure how long recovery will take after a 6weeker

Also if I was going to do a 6 week cycle I would add hcg to help with recovery and to keep my test and estrogen levels healthy (considering I'm not using any test or aromatizable gear). The issue is I am suuuper gyno prone and I'm worried that the hcg might cause issues.

Any advice?