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Anavar to Maintain Muscle on ECA Cycle?

Im planning to do a ECA cycle, with tapering, and i was wondering if it would be a benefit to add a small dose of var to help maintain musclemass/minimize muscle loss through the cycle? Like for example 30 mg var ED… Would that be a waste? And as i said, gaining muscle is not the goal, only maintain/minimize loss.

Thanks for answers

Do you mean a ECA stack? If so thats not a cycle just a fat burning supplement combo

Sorry, my mistake. But do you have any opinions on my questions?

ECA isn’t gonna burn up any muscle… it’s actually anticatabolic.

Oh, thats good to hear. Not to be a dick or something though, but is there any evidence that states its anticatabolic effect?

yes, lots.

There ya go so holster that Var playa

Also you can run Clen instead of ECA to preserve muscle… Ive heard some guys flip flop week on clen week on ECA for good fat burn but thats just Bro science I think

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