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Anavar/Test E Cycle

Yo, about to run my first cycle come the beginning of March

Age: 23
Height: 6’1
Weight: 195
BF: 13%
Expected BF @ cycle start date 10%

Week 1-4 Anavar @ 50mg ed
Week 1-10 Test-E @ 500mg/week
Week 8-12 Anavar @ 50 mg ed
PCT week 13-16
Arimidex throughout cycle
Milk Thistle, Liver supps

First, I’d like to issue a caveat to anyone who says that Var ain’t shit for putting on mass. I’m well aware that there are better ways to go about muscle gains; however, my goal is not to put on 20lbs and get huge, all the while it being completely noticeable.

  • So my plan is as follows: Using the Var weeks 1-4 to help kick start the test; and then ending with the Var to get shredded.

What do you guys think about a clean bulk for the first 8 weeks: around 3200-3300 cals, 300g protein, 55-60g fat, and 350-375g carbs. And then cutting down to 2000 cals, 250g protein, 55g fat, and 150g carbs for the last 4 weeks.

1.) What kind of results should I expect from the first 8 weeks of var/Test E combo while on a clean bulk? (muscle mass gains?, will var eliminate potential fat gains?)