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Anavar/ Test E Cycle

Hi all, Im looking for some advice on my third cycle. I recently got some Anavar and Test E. I would like some constructive advice on my dosing plan as well as what PCT I should use.
24 years old
15% BF
actively working out for 6 years now

This is my 3rd cycle
GOAL- Lean out to about 7-8% bf while retaining strength and hardness. Will be following a strict cutting diet and cardio program.

Cycle plan
Weeks 1-12 Test E 300mg @ 2 pins/week
Weeks 4-12 Anavar @ 50mg/day

Those doses are fine, though some may think on the lower side. I wouldnt run Var 8 weeks but stick to the standard 6 weeks, however if i did run it 8 i would either go Weeks 1-8 on the var or use it to bridge to PCT and use it weeks 7-15 starting pct 3 days after that. You may also want to consider front loading the Test E just to get peak lvl’s of test sooner. PCT is all over the stickies. Good luck!