Anavar/Test Cycle. Thoughts?

Opinions on TEST Prop or TEST Cypionate? Also my does on the VAR and going 7 weeks? Last question the PCT list at the bottom. Does that sound solid? Thanks again.

Gonna PIN in my but as much as possible and maybe gut and arm.

This cycle I was going to try this…Please give me your thoughts.

(Ive since returned what I got due to un authentic batch and serial numbers and am going with a top brand. Higher TEST dose per week and higher VAR per dose with no days off. Getting PCT together and ordering new stuff asap. Really appreciate a lot of the help on here guys.)

(Testerone Prop ) and (Anavar Oxandrolone)

Week 1
300mg of Test Prop 75mg every other day

Week 2
300mg of Test Prop 75mg every other day

Week 3
300mg of Test Prop 75mg every other day
VAR everyday 50mg

Week 4
300mg of Test Prop 75mg every other day
VAR everyday 50mg

Week 5
300mg of Test Prop 75mg every other day
VAR everyday 60mg

Week 6
300mg of Test Prop 75mg every other day
VAR everyday 60mg

Week 7
300mg of Test Prop 75mg every other day
VAR everyday 60mg

Week 8
300mg of Test Prop 75mg every other day
VAR everyday 50mg

Week 9
300mg of Test Prop 75mg every other day
VAR everyday 40mg

Week 10
300mg of Test Prop 75mg every other day


(Clomid - Nolva - Aromasin - DG Organ ST - MK-2866 - GW-501516)

if you want to get HUGE this aint it chief

I think the risk reward balance for your proposed cycle is poor.

100 mg of test a week will basically do nothing as far as muscle growth, and will do very little in reduction of muscle loss if cutting. It is a low TRT dose. Now It will likely make you feel better when running the Var, but I just don’t see a point. If you were on TRT, and wanted to just blast Var, then this isn’t too bad, but you are risking shutdown for very little here.

100 mg of test will shut you down in a few weeks. You will need a PCT.

I am running 325 mg of test and 50 mg of var right now. I am underwhelmed with it. 13 weeks total, last 6 weeks with the var. I have 4 weeks left. It has had some benefit, but I was expecting more strength (I am a PLer on my first blast).

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  1. Don’t take days off from the anavar
  2. Run it at doses that will be useful; 50mg should be your starting point
  3. You should run more test; 100mg is (probably) going to mimic your natty levels, so you’re essentially only running a low dose anavar cycle, which is not a great idea
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What In your opinion would be the ideal amount of Test you’d run alongside 50mg/day Anavar to get the best results?

Depends. Looking to lean bulk? 500 is probably right. Cutting? Maybe 200-300. But if someone is not on trt/cruise then it’s tough to justify cutting that way.

I dropped my BF% on Test500/Var50ed, and that was with zero cardio. I kinda wish I had done some cardio and seen what i could have achieved.

200mg to 250mg I just really want to get toned…Im already in pretty good shape…I like being 185 to 190lbs…and I guess hearing higher doses slightly makes me think more side effects/shutdown…thanks.

With no cardio how did it turn out?

So I will up it to 250mg 10 weeks

start the var at 40mg and come up to 60-80mg

So my local guy gets GENEZA GP

pretty much all of it and some of another which I know is much better…just read so much on a TEST/Var cycle. I can change it up totally.

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OK I see your points…when I ran VAR I ran it up to 80mg a day. So I have a 100 pack of 10mg VAR…and a 10ml Vial of 250mg Test So 2500mg total…what do you propose please…I can get more if need be…I just do not want to SHUT DOWN…or have the bad side effects…and yes course I will run the proper PCT…if you don’t mind can you recommend those as well? I very much appreciate it guys!!

If you take any amount of testosterone for more than a few weeks you will end up getting shut down. But running a pct won’t be materially different than if you ran an oral-only cycle. So it comes down to the risk of suppression vs total shutdown and how much of said risk you’re willing to accept.

I leaned out a bit and gained some size. Left is day before starting cycle, right is I believe 12 weeks into the cycle. I’ve lost a bit of the size that I gained, sadly. But it was a decent cycle.


For getting a shred test prop & var is great combo…
I did this for years always happy
Test prop 100 eod , var 60-80mg daily
Run it 10-12 weeks u wont be dissapointed
Especially with a high protien low carb diet
Youll be rock hard veiny & cut…even put on a lil meat if u do it right…fyi dont pin prop in yur legs just trust me on this…yull be g2g


Thanks brother…I see the diff but ya I see if you had went 100% you coulda done more…still look good though man.

Thank you very much this was very helpful So do I take the VAR the entire 12 weeks along with TEST 100 mg?

Dont pin/inject in legs ass only or abdomen? I have GP Clomid as well…what else should I take ? Thanks again!!

VG, DG, delts (w/insulin needle is easiest), or lats. But subq abdomen is fine if you’d like.

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Ive never pinned abs but prop is gonna burn IMO and I done alotta prop best pin schedule is butt, butt, rear delts repeat… It takes about 3 days for good prop to stop burning so 1x a week unless yur Rambo… Shoulder u can pin with slins much easier… Just pull back pin tape vial to wall let it drip in and yur g2g in 15 min… I think allota dudes wanna go crazy deep in muscle no need if yur lean .5" is fine and slins are dirt cheap and painless…
Yea run the Var all 12 weeks…Prop & Var is great cycle… 2 great products u will feel great… I kinda wanna do it now for my cut cycle but I know Ive done it so many times I need a lil Tren to get the same results…But untill youve done this 3-4 times yur g2g great spring cycle

I think it’ll partially depend on dosage used / injection method

I’ve used prop as TRT before (25mg daily)… I pinned it VERY slowly, would massage the area afterwards and put a heat pack on afterwards to increase general circulation around the area. The PIP wasnt particularly bad at all

Now shooting 50mg at once was another story (50mg eod)

Try 100 or 150 if u can handle 150 in yur quad tuffer than Chuck Norriss steaks