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Anavar & Test Combo


Hey guys got a odd question… I got Var for 60mg per week for 12 weeks and 3 Vials of Test Cyp, 1 vial test eth, and 1 vial test prop…

Generally I run Var with test prop at 100mg eod… Would I see any big difference between just going 250 with Test C on Mon & Thur???

This is kinda a cycle I do to cut and beef up a bit for Spring summer aka hoe season

Also yes I will run my Anastrozole and HCG as needed for sides… This is blast to my stadard TRT 200 per week


Run var towards the end of your test cycle, look around you can find the information readily available. Truthfully i don’t take var and i am against it, thrashes lipids and does not really do anything for me unless i run over 100+ per day, truthfully i think females can take more from var than men can… its just to weak and stupid expensive and there are better orals out there.


you, sir, have not had good anavar. It’s actually the most anabolic substance in existence on a mg for mg basis.

Sure does do a number on those lipids though. People just think it’s mild because it doesn’t aromatise.

Worst thing about var is the muscle cramps it gives me. Takes me like 6 attempts to tie my shoelaces because my lats cramp up so much!


Hmm been using Var for years I love it… Always got good results on var…Yes some cramping gotta hydrate on var fyi…Seems like I keep my gainz more than just test… I guess the big question is…will test cyp make me more fat or retain water or will the var keep the bloat in check and just help me add lean usda beef while pumping test to say 500-750…I just wanna go to the glorious house of gainz