Anavar & Test C

Im not sure if its the Test or Var but getting very good gainz on Test C and Var… I used to like test P 100mg eod combod with Var 50-100 per day but I think I found the most cost efficient use of the two…

So far in 3 weeks been running Test C at 600-750 mg per week and Var at 50-60 Diets been ok and wo just ok and Ive put on 8lbs and can tell Im leaner more hard and veiny… This is a 12-16 week run so Ive got along way to go but so far its a nice combo… Not too expensive either Im sure once my work schedule dies out a bit and I can focus more on gym gainz will increase

Also running HGH 4iu daily and HCG and Anastrozle as needed

Any of you guys combo Var with Test C or E… Did you keep most of your gainz? I find Var and HGH give me longer lasting results than just T by itself