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Anavar - Strength of Dosage...Need Help


I picked up my gear today and everything is legit except for the Anavar tablets...I know that it is Anavar however I'm not sure of the strength of each pill. I'm getting it 2nd hand...actually my trainer's source, but I asked my trainer & he said he was almost certain they are 10 mg but will talk to his source and let me know tomorrow...the bottle was properly sealed and the seal had clearly not been tampered with there is just no label on the bottle.

The pill is a small round pink tablet with "SM" on one side and scored on the other...any idea of the strength?


54 views and no one has a clue?

They're 10 mg...I was just hoping they weren't the 2.5 mgs.

At 40 mg a day when should I start seeing/noticing results, changes, gains, fat loss, etc.?


I think I have the same tabs and was told they were 20mg!! My bottle was not sealed and I can't find any other way to identify this one. Does this sound right???


Anavar isn't a highly effective steroid (at that dose) so I'm not sure what the fuck you're expecting.


At 40 mg a day when should I start seeing/noticing results, changes, gains, fat loss, etc.?[/quote]

Damn 40mgs!!!!!!!!! You should stack that with Celltech and Advil and get super huge ripped physique!

I'm expecting BIG things, HUGE.


So the dose is 60 mg with the Sustanon (see "First Cycle - High Level Athlete" thread for more detailed info)...So I put on about 15 lbs. and lost 0.4% bf in about 2 weeks which is pretty cool, people started to notice...I went with the old "I've been an endurance athlete most of my life and a combat athlete that competes at 155 or 170 lbs. so I never lifted weights...started taking some different supplements and lifting weights a few weeks ago..." No one has questioned me yet which I thought was pretty cool as well...

IdolHands: So I'm taking 0.5 ml Sustanon 300 eod & 60 mg of Anaver ed (I know, I know, crazy and dangerous does but hey...I like to live dangerously)...I'm thinking another couple of weeks and I'll pretty much look like Frank Columbu...Celltech & Advil? LMFAO...amateur...I'm stacking it with straight Six Star Protein and Kevin Trudeau's HCG diet (yeah, I have the hard cover edition)...Oh, I also Crossfit 3 days a week so I'm pretty much the most amazing athlete you've probably come across in a while...


Well played sir.

The Test stack should help tremendously, and raising var dose to 60 gives me a boner.


^^^Lol...why thank you sir!

Yeah w/ this being my first cycle I'm amazed at the progress I've made just in 3 weeks (a combination of the fact that it is my 1st cycle and in the past few years I haven't seriously lifted...just did strength and conditioning circuits that focused on explosive movements...maybe? That's all I can think of)...put on a solid 15 lbs and lost a little body fat...vascularity has increased as way


how's your progress coming?


If your var is legit you will feel it at 60mg. I ran it once before at 40mg and didn't feel shit but I've ran it at 70mgs on my last cycle and currently running 60mg atm and you notice the fucking roadmaps on your shoulders and forearms, very potent stuff, assuming yours is truly legit.

Good luck my friend!


Thanks guys...progress is coming along great...I'm up to about 205 (from 185) and very solid, I got into a habit of just eating f-ing anything in site for a while b/c I was so hungry (probably the sustanon)but everything is going well, making progress, feeling strong as an ox, and people are starting to notice, particularly my arms and traps...still can't run over about 3 miles b/c of the calves but I can deal with that...

Had a little glitch in the cycle as an order got seized in Miami so I had to cut back on the anavar just to keep it in my system but should be getting the rest of the gear to finish up the cycle on Monday...