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Anavar Stack?

I am 20 almost 21, 6’ around 185 lbs. I have a power lifting background, I also train MMA and have been in karate for about 8 years. I have used pro hormones and gained 20 lbs before but lost all within 3 months after cycle.

Myself and A few of my buddies will be trying anavar, does anyone have any suggestions for things to stack it with. we want to gain big strength gains and get pretty cut. thanks

Yea, toss the AnaVurr and get some INJECTABLE dbol. :slight_smile: sorry I couln’t resist.

Anavar alone would achieve what you state as your goals, at sufficient dose (say 60mg/day).

Were you considering stacking it with an injectable or only other orals?

i was hoping just other orals, i haven’t made that jump up to injectables yet. but any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Im thinking of clenbuterol and possibly somthing to gain a little more mass.

I wouldn’t stack with any other orals except maybe oral primo if you can afford it. Creatine would be very beneficial though.

Primo sounds good, i looked it up and i’ll do some more research. thanks