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Anavar Stack for Athletic Purposes

Hey all,

My current goal is to increase my sprinting speed, agility, athleticsm, and strength. I’m not trying to bulk up.

I am currently on day three of double dosing MAG-10. I have two bottles left of MAG-10. I have 120 10 mg. tabs of anavar, 26 10 mg pills of prostanazol (same company that makes superdrol, supposedly similar to winstrol), and a whole bottle of superdrol. I also have a bottle of liquid nolvadex.

I’m trying to figure out the best way to take all these things. I really don’t want to take the superdrol due to what I think are its harsh side effects. I was thinking of running the anavar at 20 mg a day for six weeks, and then taking a small dose of MAG-10 in the morning. I don’t know if it would be smart to incorporate any of the other androgens that I have, which is why I have come to you guys. I’ve been told that since I’m trying to increase my speed, I shouldn’t take more than 20 mg a day of anavar…

My diet is in line, will be eating slightly above maitenance. I am following the Renegade Training for Football Phase 1 Program, which is a lot of volume and hard work…sprints, agilities, conditioning, lifting, and then GPP almost everyday.

Looking forward to some responses

What is your height/weight?

Why would your speed be dependent on the dosage of the var? I think it’s a bit silly to tie your dosage to something like speed, which is so dependent on other things.

6’1 220-225…they said to keep it low, enough to get some strength and recovery but not enough to see any noticeable physical changes. Also said that at higher dosages winstrol and anavar (common steroids for tracksters) can cause to much “pump,” especially in the hammies when sprinting…

If hypertrophy isn’t the goal, why the double dose of MAG-10?