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Anavar - Solutions for Stomach Upset?

Hi all! Have any of you found a solution to stomach upset from Anavar? I’m experiencing stomach cramping and diarrhea (ugh, sorry!). I don’t want to give up on the cycle, but this sucks! My dose is currently split in two, once PreWO with a protein shake (4 am), second dose is before bed (about two hours after eating dinner). Thanks for any help!

EDIT to add: I’m in week 3 of the cycle.


Hmm, there’s a whole thread about the “appropriate” way to take oxandrolone, I’ll have to see if I can find it and link it.

The short take away is to eat somethin with it that doesn’t inhibit absorption, I think rice or potatoes was on there.

The only time I have ever run oxandrolone, I think I got an upset stomach for the first week or two but it went away after that.