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Anavar Shut You Down 50mg ED 6 weeks?


I have been reading everywhere and I have found conflicting results, so I wanted to post my question here to read what you guys think.


Study 1:

Study 2:


hopefully so, but there are no guarantees

uncontrollable urge to kill


there’s no guarantee that nolva at 3 weeks will correct 6 weeks of anavar. 6 weeks prolly will, but there’s a small possibility that you can be permanently shutdown by any cycle.

there are no guarantees in this game…

if you really wanna learn about PCT, then read this:

I have read the article about PCT, but still remain with 1 question:

How big is the chance of completely shutting down and not recovering after PCT if you run 6 weeks Anavar 50mg/day? Is it like 50%?

Then how come there is a lot of people doing Anavar only cycles? If it is that terrible?

dude, it’ll shut your shit down. Just accept that.

Every time you shut your natural hormone production down it can fuck up permanently. This is something else you need to accept.

Do your anavar-only cycle if you must, but no one is going to green light it for you.

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Thanks for your reaction. Very informational.

For educational purposes, I still want to know whether all cycles will shut you down or if this is only the case with Anavar only cycles.

So the question is for example: does sustanon, tren, test etc. also shut you down?

If that is so, the risk of Anavar shutting you down and not being able to recover from it, is equally big as other AAS?

Ok well this is shit you definitely need to know so listen up, dawg.

In your body lives a little dude called your HPTA. It stands for Henry Parsons Turlington Adams. He’s a great little guy, and regulates all kinds of cool shit in your body. When he’s all switched on everything’s groovy, particularly with regard to your hormones.

Steroids are endogenous hormones, and when you introduce exogenous hormones into your system, Henry senses this. Henry knows that if you’re supplying hormones then he’s not needed, so he goes for a nap.

The problem is he’s a bitch to wake up, and he will usually wake up on his own once you stop the hormones, but it can take a really long time. SERMs like clomid and nolva can give him a good shake and wake his lazy ass up sooner, but it’s by no means certain and sometimes our buddy Mr. Adams never wakes up properly again.


When talking AAS yes anything will shut you down completely, like your balls are producing no test at all. the only time it gets iffy is Sarms, thats really dependent on the Sarm or on the the person.

dude, think about it. Your HPTA shuts down when you add exogenous hormones. How would adding test prevent that?

The reasons for always recommending test instead of an oral only cycle are that oral only cycles don’t really work worth a damn, and, in the case of non aromatising steroids (anavar, winstrol etc) the lack or aromatisation makes you feel like shit.

If your heart’s set on running an anavar only cycle, then go ahead and run it at 100mg for as long as you can afford. There’s a good chance you’ll feel like hell from lack of aromatisation, and you’ll still need to do a PCT as it will shut you down.

Just don’t expect anything marvellous in the way of results.

I finally understand it now. Thank you.

The point for me where I didn’t understand was that the Testosterone-E is added because you will feel like shit and have little results compared to a REAL cycle (with Testosterone-E for example).

So now I finally understand why people recommend to have some Test-E together with your Anavar because of these 3 reasons:

  1. Anavar will shut you down, so if you already shutted down, you might as well use real Test-E
  2. Due to lack of aromatisation, you will feel like shit, Test-E will prevent this
  3. No marvellous results if only Anavar is used

yeah, that’s pretty much exactly it

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At least use hCG while on this 6 week whateverthefuck. If you’re smart you’ll use test prop and hCG in addition to the anavar, plus an AI, and a proper PCT. Plus more research in case shit goes wrong. Might as well spend another year researching before doing anything IMO…

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