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Anavar Short Cycle


Heres the thing , i wanted to know are side effects same from like 3 week cycle and full cycle (40mg dosage , i know i will se very little results but i am fine with it)
Also i am 19 , i know you think another dumbass kid , but i am very serious about Bodybuilding and i am willing to take the risks, i been lifting for 4 years , my diet is as good as it can be.I am atm at 190 lbs around 10 bodyfat.

Also i did alot of research and i know everyone thinks the same , too early but if you look all best bodybuilders started gear way too early(example Arnold and Roonie).
I want to do this cycle bcs i have competition soon and i want to be at my very best.


I’ll make it short and simple. 4 weeks of anavar only is a complete waste. Ironically enough, that was my first “cycle” a little over 2 years ago. It actually cost me more than a standard 10 week test E cycle and gave a fraction of the results. We can argue what age is too young to start gear til we’re blue in the face, but you MUST put months, even years into research before you jump the gun. For your (and your testicles) sake, rethink this decision before it’s too late


Thing is i wanted to wait until atleast 21+ till i do my first cycle , but after i did alot of research i realized that side effects that can happen to me now at 19 are same as thoes that can happen at 21 ( except stunted growth , which i dont care about).Anyway thanks for your replie.


I am not going to bash you like 90% of people for your age, its your body and at the end of the day whatever we say you will end up doing anyways.

Now onto the actual Anavar … from my personal experience, do not take it reasons below:

  1. Extremely expensive
  2. High Dosage to see any results
  3. It will fuck up your lipids

To further explain, to see any real results… not just some bs omg im changing results… you will have to run 80-100mg of anavar… thats when it really helps, this is an insane dose and its very expensive not worth it, if you really want lean quality mass and do not care for sides… take superdrol but be warned it is extremely toxic to the point where you feel hungover after 1 hour of taking it and the back pumps will make you crawl to gym door when exiting, however it is one of the best orals for keepable gains with that said you can take it at 25-30mg only and it will do the trick.


I cant get Superdrol (rly hard to find here), i have choice of Dbol,Winstrol,Anadrol,Anavar,Sustanon,Boldenon,Tren,Test E,Deca.
Anavar was my first choice bcs of lower side effects and i can get out with short pct,on the other hand Winstrol is good too (considering sides) and it does not amortize.
Any suggestion is welcome , and thanks for your replie.


10% body fat and you want to take Anavar. … You can be Natrual and take bodybuilding serious.


Should have mentioned before , i want to use it on bulk not cut, i dont want to decrease my bodyfat much at this point.


you can do dbol with tren ace i am currently running that and no sides into week 4, dropping the dbol soon so far went up 15 lb lean from 10% to 8% bf, anandrol is also good for bulk i heard from others but never tried it myself i heard its stronger than superdrol and after trying sdrol i kind of dont want that same experience


The fact that you want to take 4 WEEK ORAL ONLY cycle shows that you are in fact a dumbass 19 year old


The fact that you are bashing a 19 year old for asking a question shows just how ridiculous you are as a human being…


Branners, let me guess, you use your phone to navigate this site? You ask “why do you ask that now_i_care?”? The answer is simple, this thread is two years old and I myself have commented on really old threads by accident because of how my phone randomly puts threads at the bottom of the screen. It places them there next to current threads yet does not notate if they are old or current.
So technically they were bashing someone who is now 21, give or take.


the fact that you bumped a thread after two years to bash and defend some stupid kid shows just how big of a white knight you are.
inb4 yes the kid was retarded and so is the guy suggesting a tren dbol cycle to a first time 19 year old.