Anavar Questions

Haven’t posted on the site in a while, and never in this section so please be easy. I’ve read through a bunch of Anavar posts and have a pretty good idea of what to expect, I’m just looking for some opinions.

I’ve never touched any injectable and experimented with a couple OTC oral pro-hormones with no results. I do understand that injectables are far safer and provide much better results.

Here’s my situation. I work in health club management, I love working out and have been consistent for about 7 years now. I’m 200lbs 6ft 12-14% bodyfat. I’ve always stayed away from juice for business reasons, I just don’t want to blow up overnight and have everyone in the company know that I’m on the sauce (where I work everyone would know in a minute).

I also work in a more commercial gym that caters more towards the average joe, so being a typical jacked bodybuilder won’t help with member relations (a lot of people will assume your a meat head idiot, its just the way it is).

But I would still like to lean up a bit, get stronger, and build a little more muscle. When I read more about Anavar it seemed like a exactly what I was looking for:

  • Relatively safe (minimal sides)
  • Decent Gains in Strength
  • Fat loss
  • Ability to keep most gains made

So I’d just like to hear some opinions if this would be a good choice for me. And also my source is trying to sell Diesel Labs 25mg 100capsule pouch for $200 (its a friend and hes telling me hes selling it to me for a little above cost, he says he would normally sell for $300) is this to cheap to be true and is Diesel Labs fake? any help or insight would be great. Thanks in advance.

Never heard of diesel labs. Google it - have a good read.

There are better options for the goals you have (body composition and non dramatic)

But if you did just do the Var, i would look to run 75mg a day (of those tabs) or 60mg at least.

I would do 6 weeks too.

Alternatively, i would run 200-350mg Testosterone and 500-350mg Trenbolone - Much better results but with clothes on (diet willing) you wont look particularly different.

You could add 10lbs of muscle with this and drop some fat too with the right diet and hard work (assuming working hard for general body comp, rather than a bulk or cut).

IMO at 6’ - 210lbs would not look over the top, and considering you are at least 15% (i read between the lines there, hope you don’t mind) you could lose ~15lbs of fat (half what you carry) and still be ~8% (off the top of my head).

Being 210lbs and 8% would look very athletic/aesthetic indeed (not my taste but hey…).

That is around 25lbs from where you stand today in lean tissue, let alone the fat loss required… and if that is to be done simultaneously, it will take a number of cycles (it IS quicker to gain first then lose, but that is not an option for you)… cycles more than var only.

So something like Var only may give you 3-5lbs of muscle and drop a few points of fat…(as a rough guide of course - i cant see the future) to put it into perspective.

The $200 worth of var is only enough to use 2caps a day for 6-7 weeks… you will notice a difference, but only you. :wink:

Thanks for all the information and the quick response Brook.

I genuinely am closer to 13%, definitely not 15% although I understand the assumption.

I like what you had to say about the Test and Tren cycle, how would you run it and how much would you expect it to cost?

I would run 600mg Test and 500mg Tren for 4 weeks and expect it to be free…

Unless the question is how would i suggest you run it, which would be altogether different of course. :wink:

I May suggest (of course knowing SFA about you in the slightest - and you about me, so take this with a pinch of salt) maybe 6 weeks with T Propionate and Trenbolone Acetate (unless already mentioned).

10mlx100mg of Test prop goes for somewhere between $30~$50 usd and 10mlx100mg of Tren Ace goes for somewhere between $50~$90 usd.