Anavar Questions - Female

Just started back to training after 3 months off due to 2 herniated discs (have been training for 15 years). During the last 2 weeks of recovery, I cycled Clen and added some cardio (45-60 minutes low intensity inclined treadmill). Lost 10 lbs. Got real soft. Got real pissed off.

Clen done, started on anavar (terragon labs, legit) - first week at 5mg split in 2 doses of 2.5. No sides other than stomach bloat. Not sure if it’s water retention or a digestive issue. Strength is ok. Pumps are slowly starting in past few days. Recovery is awesome.

Have now upped var to 10mg - split into 2 doses of 5mg. Stomach bloat worse. I’ve always got a feeling of being full (I’m still certainly hungry but my stomach feels as if I just did an all day gorge at the mandarin). I’m also not having as regular bowel movements as I would normally. Maybe 1 a day. I’ve started digestive enzymes but am not noticing any change in bloat.

Side Note: before anyone brings it up - I am not using anavar for weight loss. I am using it to maintain muscle if not increase muscle while cutting.

Diet: 1400 calories under 100g of carbs, 45-50g of fat, 125g protein

Protein Shake - 1 cup 1% milk, 25g protein, 1/3 cup berries, 1 tsp natty pb

Post workout - same as above minus natty pb.

Lunch - 3 oz chicken breast, 1/2 cup brown rice, 1 cup spinach

Snack - 1 cup fat free greek yogurt with 1 tsp sugar free jam

Dinner - 2 eggs with 1 cup spinach

Snack - 1 tbsp natty pb.

Have about 3 coffee’s a day. Easily drink 3-4 litres of water daily.

This is my normal diet - nothings changed from what I would normally eat pre-anavar, except I use to have 1/3 cup dry oats in both my shakes - I’ve taken that out since starting anavar. I also started to take digestive enzymes but they aren’t really doing anything to assist with the bloat.

Workout - 5 day split (chest/tris, back/traps, quads, shoulders/bi’s, hams/glutes). I’m lifting heavy but have to be cautious of my back. Workouts are usually 40mins.

Cardio - time permitting I’ll do it following weights for 20-40 minutes. If not, same day, few hrs later for 30-45 minutes. I’ll be honest, cardio’s not a priority in my head. So I don’t go out of my way to make sure it’s done. I’ll usually get about 2-3 cardio sessions in per week. Cardio is usually step master.

Stats: 39 years old, 5’2 132 lbs (now, was 128 when I started anavar 12 days ago) and 22% bf. I have a classic endomorph body type.

My goals - get lean and hard - maintain muscle if not increase lean muscle. Don’t care about the scale - the mirror matters more. I’ve got a time frame for the end of September and want to really maximize my time and the var/Clen. Have always eaten 90% clean (other than dirty carb ups once per week) but really started to clean things up (adding cardio, no dirty carb ups) 4 months ago but put off by the back injury so now I’m trying to play catch up. I ‘feel’ fatter than I was before I started the var.

So a couple questions:

  1. It’s been suggested to me that the anavar is actually dbol because of the bloat. I’ve read that women can get bloated on anavar just simply because of the hormonal changes associated with taking anavar. I trust my source 110% but for arguments sake if this IS dbol - how can I tell? There is no hair growth or increased libido - are those the only two definitive trademarks to differentiate between the two? My anavar is from Teragon Labs (yellow tabs, 20mg)

  2. Am I eating too little? Or should I decrease calories? Is there any risk for muscle loss if I drop my calories lower while on anavar?

  3. Should I go back down to 5mg of anavar if the bloat is worse at a higher dose?

  4. Anything to change in my routine to maximize my results? Should I switch to full body workouts and reduce to 3 times per week? Force myself to do longer sessions of cardio on the other 2 days plus a 1/2 hour after workouts?

  5. Should I throw Clen back in next week? If I should, a couple questions with when to take - should I take at the same time I take my anavar (morning) or do I space the 2 out (ie - anavar at 7am and Clen at 11am)? I’ve taken Clen multiple times but never
    stacked it with anything.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read and respond.