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Anavar Question

I’m currently on 300 mgs/week Cypionate through my TRT doctor which has finally gotten me into the lower range of Free T after a year of injections.

Right now my goal is to lose the last amount of belly/chest fat that I’m carrying and I’ve made no progress over the past four months although I have made some great strength and muscle gains.

I have the option of getting on Anavar through my TRT doctor. I’m not too knowledgeable on AAS and don’t know much about Anavar. Would it be a good choice to combine with my TRT dose to lose the last few lbs that won’t come off?

Anavar is nowhere near as strong of a fat burner as diet and exercise. I’d recommend cutting 500 calories from your daily intake and/or adding a little LISS cardio to the end of your workout until the pounds come off rather than turning to more gear. Steroids build muscle, they aren’t fat burners.

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Thanks for your response. I’ve heard differing information on low intensity, longer duration cardio vs HIIT.

In your opinion lower intensity for longer period of time is better for fat loss? I’ve been doing about 20 minutes on the stair stepper after my weight training, then about 20 minutes in the sauna.

I’ve gone from 13.8% BF last October to 13% as of last week…maybe the fat loss just slows down at this point.

Steady state cardio at around 60-70% of max heart rate is the sweet spot for fat burning. But diet is going to be your number 1 tool. What is your daily food intake like?

Eating good macros at a 500 calorie deficit daily should net you about 1lb a week of fat loss.

Var will help preserve muscle when in a deep deficit, but you gotta do the work through training and diet. I wouldn’t jump on var if I were you.

Ok so on the stair stepper My heart rate is at 140-150 for 20 minutes so that is way too high? Max heart rate is 220-age (38) so I should be aiming for heart rate around 130, right? I won’t be able to get it that low on the stair stepper so I will have to walk on the treadmill I guess.

Diet is pretty clean, but probably not in a 500 calorie deficit, I’m probably around 3000 cals, 40% protein, 40% fat, 20% carbs. The carbs I eat are fruit, berries, and sweet potatoes.

I dont know much about trt but 300mg of cyp only has you at low ranges of normal T? I thought trt doses were like 100mg a week? Just curious im Trying to learn as much as possible im sure im headed to trt soon myself

100mg a week is where they started me; over the past year my dose has been increased after every blood test because my free T was increasing, just not very much. 300mg finally has me in the lower end of the normal range, I anticipate getting another increase to 310-320 to hopefully get me in the middle range.

Your heart rate is too high. A general rule of thumb is that if you’re breathing too hard to easily carry on a conversation then your not in the best heart rate for fat burning. It sounds like you’ve got plenty of calories to spare in your diet. Try lowering thema bit. A food log (despite being a pain in the ass to keep) is critical for accounting for all those phantom calories we all tend to get if we’re not careful. At the very least it will force you to pay closer attention to what’s going into your piehole.

So what all these guys said about diet and cardio is absolutely spot on. But as someone who has used anavar under a doctor’s supervision I will say this: it’s insanely expensive and also awesome. If your doctor wants to supply you with it then you are obligated to use it. It’s an unwritten rule.

But also cut 300-500 calories a day and do 25-35 minutes of LISS every day. Hell, do that anyway. You’ll feel better in general.

The 220 minus age predictor of max HR is very flawed, HR max will vary between individuals, esp on AAS.

On the stair climber I can get up to 200+ (highest I’ve ever gotten my heart rate from exercise, ever is 209, and I held it at 200+ for a solid three minutes, only reached 209 for like twenty seconds tho) if I don’t take a beta blocker and go fast at a high resistance. Otherwise 140-160. I don’t do much cardio anymore tho, just LISS like brisk walking. Good for the ol parasympathetic nervous system.

:+1: if yur getting. Med grade var use it. Var is great & pretty much no sides…just stay hydrated… For me 80mg is the sweet spot. Cut calls up yur protien & yull shed fat & have nice rock hard muscles with the var. But if u dont drink enough water yull get lots of cramps…i luv var honestly 1 of my fav cycles is prop & var its always a winner for pool\beach season