Anavar Question

is 25 mg daily for 4 weeks enough.should i try to get more also take 200mg test every 5 days plus hcg and anti-estrogen pills 1x a week

Are you a woman? If so 25 mg would be very good for four weeks. If not then ehhhh, for a cutting or very lean mass gain type cycle maybe but I’d up the duration. As to the 200mg test e5d, for four weeks it isn’t worth it, then again an anavar only cycle for four weeks also isn’t worth it. You need to do more research before you even consider using anabolic steroids. People will tell you that you typically need at least 50mg of var to see results, given that clinical dosages to produce anabolic effect typically range from 10-20 mgs per day I don’t agree with this, if you have legit, quality var 25 mgs daily should produce some gains, however it probably isn’t an optimal dose. An example of a legitimate, fairly low dose cycle would be like

Var 25 mgs daily weeks 1-6
Test 200mg e4d weeks 1-10
Hcg 250iu 2xwk
Anastrazole at (insert dose)

Anavar will likely (but possibly not depending on genetics) trash your cholesterol. Oral only cycles are a waste of time, if you are going to shut down your HPTA you may as well do it right as to get and keep optimum amounts of gainz. How old are you? I want stats, age, years of training, diet, lifts, bf percentage, weight. Do you even know how to PCT? You say “anti estrogen pills” do you know of the different types of AI’s, dosing etc

I was on 50mg/d for 100 days, in conjunction with TRT, and it was meh. Looking back I can see how it helped me appear leaner and harder, so it had a decent effect. But var is prohibitively expensive. It isn’t one of these orals where you can get away with less and still get good effects. You really do need to run it higher than 25mg to get the benefits.

was the var compounded or was it legit pharma brand, occasionally compounding pharmacies can miss the dosage, like UGL’s there’s an interesting study on compounded test cream showing that the amount of test in the cream from compounding pharmacies varied wildly, with some creams containing no test at all! However it is possible var isn’t that strong, I’ve personally never used it so I wouldn’t know.

It was compounded by the same pharmacy that makes my test and my anastrozole. If it wasn’t so expensive I could imagine running it again. But it was $800, which is $8/pill. That’s absolutely insane. But it was hard to say no to pharma var from a doc, you know? Had to try it once anyway.

I have enough var for 50mg a day for 5 weeks, with 300 to 400 mg of test cyst 10 weeks can’t spell anti estrogen anastrozole , also have hcg and clomid sorry 4 spelling

Sounds like you’ve got yourself a nice cycle then. I’ll give one piece of advice: take the var for the last five weeks rather than the first five. Orals are frequently used as a kickstarter, but var works better on the back end of a cycle.

Ive seen results at 60mg but it was stacked with Prop & HGH

IMO If you want for realz gainz do this…

80-100mg VAR daily 8-12 weeks
combo with Test prop 100mg eod
great cycle for cutting and gaining lean mass AKA the pool party & smash cycle
If your bulking nope…
Love Var its pricey but Ive found you keep the gainz & while your on it pumps great very hard muscles & veiny…draw back cramping so hydrate well… Also even with liver support vitamins who really knows hos bad a ass kicking yur liver is taking

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Pool party and smash cycle? That isn’t a valid or justifiable reason for running a cycle

Fucking right it is.

We’re using these drugs to look amazing.

Bodybuilding, bro.


My Weiner says otherwise… Not everyone that cycles is a pro body builder…thanks to the nector of the Gods I can be a 40 yr old in a buff 25 yr olds body and smash milfs, gym chics, & club rats… untill my heart explodes or liver craps out anyhow

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@Yogi1 , but is 15 minutes of vanity worth an early death? I’d understand one was using steroids to compete, for athletics, job (like fitness model, law enforcement, security etc), but using (high) dose AAS that come with potential long term cardiac (among other) health complications in order to smash just doesn’t sound right to me.

Kid, get off your high horse.

Not a single person here on this forum is a professional bodybuilder or athlete, and you do not need steroids to work in law enforcement or security or any other profession.

Every single person here (and 90% of the steroid using population in general) is using steroids for their own selfish amusement, whether it’s to take their muscular development beyond what their body is capable of, or to compete at a higher level in their hobby (note the word “hobby” as in something they do recreationally). Oh, I’m sure some people will argue they need to take steroids to compete against other steroid users in whatever pursuit, and they’d be correct, but that pursuit is still just something they do for their own amusement; no one forced them to compete against other users.

I don’t know why you’re choosing to use steroids, and I don’t care. The fact is you’re doing it because you want to, not because you need to. The rest of us are doing the exact same.

“Oh but I have hypogonadism and need to use testosterone therapy in order to achieve a better quality of life.”

Fuck off to the TRT forum, then. The rest of us are using hormones at supraphysiological doses to get bigger, stronger, leaner, and fucking sexier because that’s what we want out of life.

Your goals may or may not be the same, but keep your judgements as to whose goals are right and whose are wrong to yourself because getting up on a pedestal like that makes you sound like quite the arrogant prick.

EDIT: and it’s not 15 minutes of vanity. It’s an entire lifetime.


Never said using AAS for self amusement is an issue, that is experimentation and experimentation with drugs and/or other substances is a perfectly normal part of life, however someone using 100mg of var daily for 8-10 weeks just to smash some girl at a pool doesn’t make sense to me, the risk/benefit ratio in my mind isn’t worth it.

You’re right, I’m not using AAS because I need to, I’m using it too see if it helps with certain aspects of my life, therefore I am using it for my own amusement. As to me fucking off to the trt forum, the doses I use (of testosterone + nandrolone) equate to above a trt dose but well below a dose of what one would use on cycle, therefore I’m gonna stick around. I’m def open to experimenting with higher doses of AAS in the future for bodybuilding purposes (wish to compete one day)

I’m not an arrogent prick, nor do I intend to put myself up on a pedestal, you’ve been triggered over a small comment where someone shared their opinion, people are allowed to post their opinions, free speech and all.

You absolutely are allowed to voice your opinions, and when those opinions make you come off like an arrogant prick, expect to be told so.

I’ve been around the forums a long time. This pharma forum used to be amazing; some of the minds we had here were stunning in their intelligence.

Now we have some teenager who’s never used steroids answering literally every question in the forum. Time was you’d have been run out of here by the vets, but sadly the quality here has taken such a turn people are actually allowing you to be here.

Sad times. You’d be doing everyone a favour by keeping your mouth shut.

And don’t say things like “triggered.” It makes you sound even more laughable.

Alright mate, you win, I’ll leave, no point in arguing, you’ve made some valid points, a bit harsh, but valid points. I’ll be back in say five years or so.

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That escalated quickly.