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Anavar, Proviron, Test Cyp: First Cycle Questions


Seeking constructive criticism for my first cycle:
Would like to gain dry muscle and shed fat. This will be my first cycle, not expecting much mass gain mainly fat loss and hardening. Diet and training squared away. I am mainly asking for information on the PCT and dosage of Test.

Should the PCT be longer or higher dosage?
And should the dosage of test be higher?
Is it safe for a beginner to run a cycle of this nature?

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 197 lbs.
BF%: 12%
15 years experience lifting

Cycle Specifics:
Weeks 1-7 Testosterone Cypionate 300mg
Weeks 1-7 50mg Anavar
Weeks 1-7 25mg Proviron
Weeks 8-11 50mg Clomid
weeks 8-10 50mg Nolvadex
Weeks 11-13 25mg Nolvadex


weeks 1-10

test C 500mg/week
adex .5mg EOD

drop var and proviron, pct looks fine


I agree with walkway, you don't want those orals on the first go, and you will want something better than them on the next go, and the AI (a-dex) is a must. Its cheap and easy to get.

Take this advice bro and you will see some sweet results with little to no sides. Nice clean first go.


Orals tend to give me mean lower back pumps.

Cant vouch for anavar, but with provirion I wouldnt let your sister stay the night at your place.


After researching it a bit, I don' understand the use of adex. can someone explain to me what the adex is for? I am still confused.


Like walkway said ditch the var and proviron for now.

Adex is an aromatase inhibitior. In short it stops the conversion of T into E. basically it's used to keep estrogen from increasing too high and leading to E2 side effects and other health concerns which aren't visible.


Thanks everyone for the help!


If I were to run test C only would it be advisable to add dianabol? I want to gain some mass and lose some fat, essentially a recomp.
Other than diet is there anything else I could do to help this?


If you already have everything then there is nothing wrong with your cycle except bumping the test to 500 weekly. A 7 week cycle is kinda short, is that the reason you are adding the orals? Better just to keep it simple for the first cycle and see how your body responds.


I haven't yet secured the substances, I have a local source that is extremely proven. I am still planning but I would like to start in the next month or so. I was mainly looking to do an oral only cycle but I added a low dose of Test C because if I was already being shut down I may as well get more effect for the time I was running the orals.


Agreed. I would even drop the adex unless you actually need it, and introduce it at the smallest increments possible (.25mg EOD).


lol 15 years lifting experience? What kind of gains did you make from 12-13?


Not the smartest advice


The response to each compound varies from person to person. I don't see too many people getting estrogen-mediated side effects from low dose short duration Test cycles. A higher dose of adex might keep him a bit dryer and leaner, but there will also be an [artificially] increased level of circulating aromatase once he goes into pct. Since it's not contest prep, I imagine he's interested in what he'll look like well past the 10 week point.


Everyone should run an AI on cycle. There are health risks and sides from high E2 that can't be seen, gyno isn't the only side effect. I also recommend tapering the AI off during pct to avoid a rebound.


Interesting... another score for aromasin?


I agree 100% with walkaway...
Save Var for another cycle... first cycle is always best with Test/Adex and a solid PCT. HCG will also help keep your figs plump!




Can you elaborate a bit more on this? I'm genuinely curious. I just finished a very low dose cycle of 100mg tprop eod, 50mg prov ed and did not need to use my adex. I used .25mg e3d to start out, and i felt it completely destroyed my sex drive. I stopped it all together week 2 and ran the rest of the cycle without it, very short 8 week cycle to see how my body reacted to just tprop & prov.

I'm planning on going again in a few and bumping it up to 150mg eod, so im curious because I may find that i need the adex at higher doses.


how did your cycle go? i am thinking about doing the same cycle but for 12 weeks.
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 170 lbs.
BF%: 11.8%
5 years experience lifting