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in may i’m gonna start my cutting cycle for two bodybuilding competitions in july. this will be the first time that i have competed while on gear. i would really like to use a anavar/primo/tren stack.

the concern i have is that i am on proecia and have been for almost six months. i know that propecia is safe with some steroids but i’m not sure about with this combination.

if propecia will make hairloss worse with some of these steroids then i know that i need to get off. i am just not sure how long i need to be off of propecia before i get on gear.

if it would be safe for me to remain on propecia while in my cutting phase i woul like that as well. if anyone has any advice on the matter i woul appreciate it.

Oh, c’mon, it cannot be that TWO people both came up with this specific idiotic stack on the same day.

What do you think Primobolan does for building muscle that trenbolone does not do?

What do you think oxandrolone does for building muscle that trenbolone does not do?

The answer is nothing, except cost more and, in the case of oxandrolone, add liver toxicity (which can be managed by short duration of use.)

Now one might use either Primobolan or oxandrolone instead of trenbolone for reason of lower suppression, though that is not a real issue with using the acetate for a short cycle if an aromatizing steroid or HCG is also used –

which is not the case in your proposed cycle – but if using trenbolone ANYWAY then that potential point of using the Primobolan or oxandrolone is rendered moot.

Why not copy something that works rather than make up something that is nonsense?

Heres a good stack OP: 100mg estradiol, 100mg esiclene, and 200mg stanozolol per week. Think of synergy…the power of such a combination!