Anavar, Primobolan and hair (loss)

Already showing MPB at 31 and very concerned about it, I am quite limited to the choices of steroids suitable for me. I experienced hair loss when using Deca and Winstrol in the past. With only Deca now, the problem seems to have stopped/ be under control with only Deca now. However, I really would like to add Anavar and/or Primobolan with my current Deca only routine. Will anyone, especially those with similar concern, care to share experiences with me? More defined physique I crave, but I am not willing to risk it with my crowning glory. Appreciate any info. Thanks

what are you doing to stop the mpb?

I’ve been using finesteride (propecia)full time for a year now and my crown continues to keep thinning. On the other hand, I’ve been pissing like a 10 year old boy as it seems to keep my prostate in-check.

Ditch the Deca as it is very supressive of your own test levels. There are much better drugs to choose from. I suggest you use a shampoo product called “NIOXIN”. I use it even though I do not suffer from mpb. It has thickend my hair in about one month. You can buy this from your hairdresser or online. It will not regrow lost hair,but it will keep what you got.It srrips the hair of DHT that is your culprit. Good lcuk.

Well after my last cycle of Anavar/Primo/EQ I noticed some hair thinning and did a little research. You need to get hold of a topical anti-androgen that you can apply locally. Basically the anti-androgen binds to the cells, denying the DHT or other hair killing androgen a place to dock.

Examples of topicals are Flutamide gel and Spironolactane. Flutamide is better as it doesn’t stink.

Oh, and these two drugs work with any androgen, Propecia (Finasteride) only works with Test/DHT.

I’ll be running Flutamide gel with all future cycles.

I second Warhorse. Topical Spironolactone has been shown to slow down MPB. You can get a script for it on, buy the pills and make your own or buy it already formulated from overseas.

warhorse, where do you get this product?

ps. for you guys that use proscar, where do you get it dealer, online, tj?

Well they let through, try wholesalehairproducts…

Also, I shed the most hair on Primo, but everybodys different.

first off,you never want to use propecia with deca. deca itself converts to dhn,not dht. dhn is a very weak androgen witha very weak affinity to the scalp. using propecia will prevent deca’s conversion to dhn,thus causing more hair loss. theoretically,propecia only works with testosterones,not derivatives.
although primobolan is a weak androgen,it does have properties similar to dht as does winstrol,this could explain hairloss from both of these drugs. the are derivatives of dht,not actual dht but similar in structure.
anavar and deca is a safe cycle for hairloss but don’t use propecia during this.