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Anavar Post Cycle


Hey guys I'm in the third week of my first cycle of 500mg Test E. I'm 23 and I've been lifting since I was 16. I'm currently at 215 (+7lbs since starting) and my lifts are: Bench- 245x5 Front Squat- 265x5 Deadlift- 315x4. I'm running test alone because I want to gain solid mass and have this as a learning experience. For PCT I have clomid that I'm going to do 100mgs a day for the first week then 50mgs/day weeks 2-4. I would also like to lean out some before the summer and hold on to my gains. Some guys I work with said that I should take Anavar during my post cycle because it has no shutdown on natural test and would help me hold on to my new mass. I've researched it and it seems reasonable but I would like ya'lls opinion. Thanks for the input!


Some guys are idiots.


And why are your lifts so low? Are you 6'5?


No, 6'2. My lifts used to be much higher but I took about a year off from the weights because I was planning on going into the Marines this summer and I was doing typical cal's and running. Since I scrapped those plans until I graduate I've been weight lifting for the past 4 months. Probably should have waited a while longer but c'est la vie.


Yeah, definetly should have waited longer prior to jumping on the sauce... Anyways, some people like to bridge, me personally, NO. I think it has it's place, but you should recover your HPTA function and then go back on after the 'alloted' time.

Like I said, bridging has it's place, but if you are going to come off testosterone and begin taking clomid and then also take anavar; you may as well not even bother with the clomid. Oxandralone is suppressive, and you will not recover your own production whilst taking an effective dose. Do some more research, Bill Roberts has a lot of good ideas when it comes to HcG, clomid and dianabol if I recall correctly...