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Anavar PCT Help


I know that most people on this site hate me, but hear me out. I'm on the 5th week of an Anavar only cycle. 50mg E/D. 6 weeks.

height: 5'10

starting weight: 166lbs (I run D1 track, but red shirted this season)
current weight: 175lbs

starting bench: 185lbs 10 reps
current bench: 225lbs 5 reps

starting squat: 315lbs 8 reps
current squat: 405lbs 5 reps

PCT: i have Liquid Tamox on hand and Arimidex from last cycle

how many weeks, and how many ml should I run of either?


What is the dosage/ml of the nolva (tamox)? You won't need the arimidex.


The standard pct protocol for nolva is 4 weeks at 40/40/20/20 (mgs/day). Once you know the concentration of your solution, just work it out from there. Using a syringe to measure it out will help.

Good luck.


thanks i appreciate it!