Anavar or Winstrol?

Been lifting for 3 years. I’m 22, 5’10" and weight about 125lbs. Over the past few months, I’ve ran into some problems with my heart and got everything checked out and I have a normal heart- it just gets to a high bpm relatively quick when I work out so I stopped lifting until I got it resolved.

Anyways, I used to weigh about 145lbs and maxed at 205. Since I stopped I got down to 119lbs and couldn’t even do 135lbs 5 times. I’m now stuck at 125lbs and my bench is stuck at 185. I take creatine and a mass gainer and yes I eat as much as my skinny ass can without hacking it up. I’m considering doing something mild like 4 or 5 weeks of either anavar or winstrol to give a little boost.

I know oral only is shunned upon and these are usually used as bridges between cycles but given as I really don’t find it my goal to take test and blow the F up- I’ve concluded that oral only would be a good choice.

That given, I guess my question would be are these even worth taking since I’d wanna be bulking rather than cutting? I’ve also considered dbol but don’t really want the sides given the results… what are your guys’ thoughts on this idea

me no like winny it hard on my joints esp ran alone , if u wanna look at upping ur poundages a little and not looking like a juice head i would run VAR @ atleast 30mg ED maybe more but i think u get past the point of return past 40mg many will disagree, bro if u never did any var before run it @30mg

i might be a little nuts but… do you actually live in maryland or in ohio…

& i ran only bout 3 weeks of var a few years ago but it was only that little amount because it’s what I had left over form some other shit

sick bench brah. agree def dont wana blow the f up on test

would you recommend var or winny

Get your thyroid checked.

If that’s normal. Then fix your biggest problem. “I eat like a bitch syndrome”

[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
sick bench brah. agree def dont wana blow the f up on test[/quote]


I didnt wanna say it…

haha thats crazy

Man wtf? There is so much wrong here that I don’t even know what to say. And Frank wtf kind’ve advice is that? ls don’t even think about it. There is something VERY wrong with what you’re doing already. 125 at 5’10"??? A bar with a plate on each side weighs more than you! Please learn how to eat and train. My sweet Jesus where are these people coming from? Eat, train, get huge, and you’ll look back and laugh at this (like I would if you weren’t serious). Please put on another 75 lbs (over 1/2 of yourself- I’m in awe) and THEN look into AAS. Please, for your own sake

[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
sick bench brah. agree def dont wana blow the f up on test[/quote]

No shit. He doesn’t want to get TOO huge. And yeah no one should run more than 30mg Var as well, at the risk of it being too blatantly obvious that you’re roided out’ve your fuckin mind. Once I cut a tablet up and took 1/16th of it when I was at the mall. BIG MISTAKE! Thank god those cops’ medical insurances paid for their surgeries cause otherwise I would’ve been fucked…