Anavar or Tbol? 2nd Cycle...

before i go any further, here are my stats:

23 years old, training for 5 years, very seriously for 3

198 pounds, 5’11, at 10% bf

1 rep maxes: bench-295, squat-385, dead-420

trained mostly as a bodybuilder for years, while doing mma on the side. but now hoping to get into more powerlifting type training instead of bodybuilding.

ive done one cycle of anavar, which ended 2 months ago, 70mg ed for 6 weeks, with 2 weeks pct - nolva @ 30/20.

i want to do a second cycle starting fairly soon. i liked the var alot, put on about 7 pounds in 6 weeks of lbm and definitely saw strength increases. my goal now is to get bigger and more lbm, but mainly to increase my big lifts and just get stronger. i have access to dbol and m1t but i dont really want to take somethign that will just get me huge adn bloated, i would much rather take something that will help me get stronger. im going to stay with orals for now. so my question is would tbol or anavar be better for my next cycle? do they stack well together? i have heard from some ppl anavar is stronger than tbol, other ppl say the opposite. waht would a good tbol cycle and pct be for really good strength gains? or am i better off just doing another anavar cycle?

i will probably get start with a test cycle or m1t or something in the next summer to gain size, but for now i just want a good oral cycle to get strong. thanks!


1-8wk Prop 75mg ED
1-8wk Tbol @ 100mg ED

Fucking love tbol