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Anavar or Primo?

Hey guys, currently planning my 3rd cycle.
Just wondering what is best to stack with sus250 for cutting/getting ripped. My research tells me Anavar and Primo are good options. Any advice on what to use with sus250 and also where in my 16 week cycle and dosages would be appreciated. Also any advice on PCT like whether I should be running something throughout the cycle to deal with side effects.

Plans are as follows:

  • Sus250 at 600mg per week for 16 weeks.

  • Dianabol at 40mg per week for the first 4 weeks.

  • Anavar or Primo or perhaps something different altogether.

PCT weeks 18 to 22:
Nolvadex and Clomid.

Both. That’s my next cycle starting in a week.


Keep me posted, Primo is my next as well, but probably won’t run it until January 2021. What’s your cycle looking like?
I’m considering 250-300 Test, 800 Primo, and then maybe Var the last 6 weeks (big maybe), at 50mg again.

Planned on logging once I started. Looks like this:
TRT at 120 throughout
Weeks 1-16
Primo 600
Weeks 1-6
Anavar 50mg
Weeks 12-16
Dbol 20mg

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Nice, I’m anxious to see what you think of Primo. I can’t wait to run it, but I’m giving my body some serious time off while I try and figure out whether or not to start TRT.

Option A : Start TRT, get it keyed in , then sometime between 6-12 months run Primo with my TRT dose.

Option B : Just wait until January 2021, run it as a standard cycle with PCT.

I dread another PCT though, and cannot tell you how mad I will be spending $1,000 on a cycle to only see my precious gains slowly dwindle :joy:

Will be following your log the entire way!

See how you get on with 600mg primo after 4 to 5 weeks and bump up to 800 or a gram if not satisfied. Minimum I’d run is 800mg.

Looking forward to the log.


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I’m curious to know why you’re running the Anavar in the beginning and Dbol at the end? Very interested. I don’t believe I’ve seen someone do that yet.

I don’t know what TRT is?
Also could you explain why you run Anavar for the first 6 weeks and Dbol for the last 4 weeks?

Holy shit… that’s like a 1000$+ cycle here… if I was to ever experiment with methenolone enanthate (not happening anytime soon, perhaps in eight to twelve months from now)… I’d use like 300mg max, but then again I’m uber conservative… because I still like to party every once in a while and because I just can’t justify to myself “running gear” full on… I am still rather young, confused and I don’t think I should put my time into running full on cycles until I’ve fully ascertained what I want out of life

Dbol + a DHT looks really good aesthetically. Looks full and dry… I’ve got a pic of me on 100mg mast and 20mg dbol daily… but I’m shirtless and holding a canned beverage that may or may not have been alcoholic in nature (was a 275ml light beer if I recall correctly… I don’t think I actually ended up drinking much of it becuase I was on dbol… having any of it was a retarded decision to begin with… was mostly for the picture) so I’m not posting that on here

But I looked good, everyone thought I was on something, I wasn’t lean, but still looked lean if that makes sense (was probs about 15%)

I’d hypothesise the reason people do it is because you get that glycogen filled, balloon look and the ripped up/cut look you get from DHT’s simultaneously

Are you worried about hair loss?

Why no increase in testosterone? Not big into more moderate doses of test?

That’s the way I would run it. Let the other compounds do the work. @iron_yuppie just curious why the anavar first and dbol last? I would have though it to be the other way around?

I’m running primo at 600mg/wk right now and loving it. I know people think you need to run it at 800-1g, but in my opinion 600 is a great place to start.

I’m a fan of running Anavar for longer at lower doses (such as 20-40mg/day for 12-16 weeks) since it’s not a harsh oral so doesn’t need to be cycled or run for just 4-8 weeks in my opinion.

Agreed it’s a great look if you are low enough body fat. However, 100mg of mast is nothing and will have zero visual effects, maybe you looked dehydrated from drinking!

I had less than half a beer that night, I don’t think the vasopressin decrease would be significant from that amount… but you never know… ethanol is an incredibly toxic drug to consume

I disagree though… 200mg mast for me (my maximum dosage ever used… for six weeks, so quite the duration of use) had a fairly dramatic visual impact. Striations appreared on my deltoids, veins came out on my triceps… now, this could’ve been because I was cutting at the time… but I choose to believe it was the mast…

I’d try more, but I worry about lipid destruction… I’ve even modified my experiment to just 125mg test 100mg deca (after six weeks are up)… currently on 100mg mast, 120mg deca weekly… feel fantastic (switching as adequate aromatisation is pivotal for lipid management, glucose tolerance, generalised vasodialation, endothelial function etc)… but the notion of adding a bit of mast there made me uncomfortable as I don’t want to walk around with screwed up lipids… despite how good I feel on the stuff, I’m only really doing this to lessen joint pain… and it’s working quite well so far

If I ever have an event coming up and I feel like vanity is overpowering me… I can always take a shot of mast the week before… it’s unessecary and probably makes minimal difference though

Before anyone tells me my dosages are simply too low… I’d like to defend my decision by stating that I’m very satisfied regarding what I get out of said low dosages… I don’t see the point in increasing dosages further… I need to stop being so defensive all the time (both on here and in real life)…

Hey man, no need to defend your doses. I’m all for the lowest effective dose possible, although you are still much more conservative than I am and will probably live longer. In my experience, Mast is a cosmetic drug and doesn’t really build muscle, and I need to run it at at least 400mg/wk, ideally more like 600mg/wk to get the desired look. But if you can get there on a much lower dose that’s awesome, everyone is different.

Probably not given I think I’ll be running the low dose nandrolone for as long as possible… the difference is night and day (for me)… I’m even able to run on uneven surfaces again! However the ankle pain is still there, I’ve now got orthotics implanted within both of my shoes, it helps… but it’s not magic… nerve damage is nerve damage :confused:

I don’t think I’ll cycle though, if I ever want to experiment I can always throw in a low dose oral for 1-2 weeks… like 10-20 mg var daily or something… unless it’s a non c17aa oral, due to low oral bioavailability compounds like methenolone acetate or mesterolone need to be dosed considerably higher

The only thing that can make me lose hair is, presumably, chemo or being the target of a Russian assassin armed with polonium. Otherwise I don’t notice any difference between my hair on any steroid and how it was before.

I have higher HCT and keeping the test at my trt dose has helped me avoid donating blood. High test the last time around didn’t really feel all that different in terms of strength or mood, so I figure I’ll just stick to what works for me. I may experiment and add TPP for a brief spell, just to see if I notice any changes at something like 300/w vs my trt. But I’m undecided about that.

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