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Anavar Only


I am curious as to what your guys results were with anavar only, what dose you used, weight gain, hardness, vascularity...etc. Thank You!


A var only cycle would be extremelly expensive and give very meager results. You would have to run a moderate to higher dose and keep it constant for an extended period of weeks. Considering this it would be a complete waste, imo.




prop and var would be a nice combo. var only isn't worth it IMO.


I have a friend who's in his late 30's that ran 50mg/d for 8 weeks and put on about 10lbs. lbm, w/ minimal suppression, awesome vascularity,no hair loss, no bloat, etc...so maybe anavar only in high doses is the way to go if sides are a major concern for you???



thank you mike,

now im not asking for opinions on whether you guys would think it would be a waste or not. I am asking about experiences that you or someone you know has had.


a little questions.

if the cost of a anavar-only cycle wil lbe low, do you think it will be worthy?

not to bulk (i know it is not the right one) but to "clean" and rip a little?

th fat loss power of anavar is it worthy?
may be a clen+var? or eca+var?


There's cheaper underground var available lately so that shouldn't be a problem. I've done it and liked it. I do 30-50mg/day for 6 weeks but I'm looking for strength gains only and minimal weight gain. Also, I do notice a little bit of what seems to be endurance loss while on var. It also can be suppressive but not as much as a traditional cycle. Give it a try but not for size, better for athletics.


I can get var at a cheap price..but the price wasnt even the question....Just looking for experiences here.


I apologize, as Mike said above, 8 weeks of 50mg e/d would indeed give you great strength increase as well as some quality, retainable lean mass.

Good luck



The guy is 19 years old. I can't speak on the effectiveness of an anavar-only cycle because I'm uneducated about roids, but I'm pretty sure you guys wouldn't be giving him this advice if he had mentioned his age in this thread.


Dont talk about my age if you are INCAPABLE OF READING. When did I ever say i was thinking about doing a cycle? Cuz Im 19 does that give me no right to get info on a drug? Puhlease. This is for reserach purposes only.



Even still, you've already done one cycle, and you're arguing with me and others on another thread when we tell you you're too young for roids.


Why don't you use Carbolin 19, it's supposed to be better than Anavar...


Actually, I stated that I knew I was too young and thats why i decided to train natty til i hit my peak. Not arguing.


Sorry but you cant compare a drug like oxandrolone to Carbolin 19, yes they state that it is better or the same but thats just not the truth. This is speaking from experience.


and what about reducing fat?


It has some slight fat mobilizing properties on its own and doesn't casue water retention so it's good for 'cutting'. But cutting is really dictated by nutrition and training.

Finding your best carb timing and quantity, using the right fats and proteins and doing some HIIT and lifting will help you lose the fat and with var you'll keep/gain more muscle and burn more fat while restricting or cycling calories so I'd say it's great for that purpose. I always used it to keep muscle and strength while cutting weight for sports like BJJ, grappling, boxing. The only thing I don't like is that it seems to hinder stamina a bit. On another note, sorry, but I don't think Carbolin 19 is as good as var. I also don't think a 19year old should take roids.

I was 27 the first time I tried them and did so after years of reading and more importantly talking to people who had used. I do think it's fine to research them at any age. I can say after all my research I did too much the first and second time and did not like the results. For sport I ended up with 3-6 week cycles of 400-600mg/week. This is just where I felt best. If you just want to gain weight then the popular advice does work. Take a gram a week of test with an anti-e and you'll grow.


Again, bullshit. Here's the conversation from the other thread:

So you guys make up your minds. The guy says he's going to wait until he's 195 lbs before he uses again. Nothing about "hitting his peak." Just a random number he pulled out of his ass. The he argues that using roids at 19 years old is "far from an abuser." BULLSHIT. Don't try to go back and say you said something else. If that isn't arguing, I don't know what is.


Yeah, that's what I thought. Thanks.


i'm sure Carbolin 19 is a decent product, but there is no way a legal, over the counter supplement or even high grade pro-hormone compares with AAS.