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Anavar Only for a Slight Boost

Hey all.

I have never used any steroids at all but am looking at doing 6 weeks into my next powerlifting meet.

I currently Squat 230kg/507lb, Bench 135kg/297lb and Deadlift 255kg/560lb.

At my next meet, I would like to Squat 250/550lb, Bench 145/320lb and Deadlift 270/595lb

So I’m looking to increase my Squat by 20kg/45lb, bench by 10kg/22lb and Deadlift by 15kg/33lb

If I run Anavar for 6 Weeks up to my comp in combination with my peak are these kind of strength gains realistic?
I have nothing against test and I will definitely run test down the track. All I want to know here is whether or not I will be able to get these strength gains on 6 weeks of Anavar only?

Also, as far as dosage I was going to do 2 weeks at 40mg per day, 2 weeks at 50mg per day and 2 weeks at 60-70mg per day - starting 6 weeks out from my comp. I know this dosage may seem low - but keep in mind I have NEVER used anything before this.

Any information will be greatly appreciated. My primary concern is strength gains and whether it will help me hit my numbers, but I would also very much appreciate any information on the sort of aesthetic gains I can expect.


Had to think this out. Let’s start with the basics, ht wt, age years training, frequency of training and food intake, also weight class

I’m 6 foot and currently weigh 92kg, my weight class is 90kg.

I’m 26 years old, I have been training for 5 years and strength training specifically for 3 years.

Food intake is relatively consistent and relatively clean with the occasional pizza, burger or pasta.

I’m currently training 4x a week.

Well what you’re suggesting might work although the strength increase with anavar, even for a first user may be a little less than you’re hoping for…maybe with a perfect peaking and diet? If you are under 10% body fat you may look a little harder but nothing major aesthetically to expect from this.
Since you are only 2 kilos above weight, you may want to do DBol instead - you may go up another 2kg but that’s still and easy cut and you’ll get quite a bit more strength gains from it. I’d do 2 weeks 40mg per day, 2 weeks 50mg, and 2 weeks 60mg (or 20/30/40/50/60/60).
If you go this route (or anavar even) then make sure you take 2 bottles of alpha male afterwards - even low dose can indirectly mess with your natural productions - always a risk.

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Thanks for the info - I was considering dbol but I thought I’d go with Anavar instead as it is a little less liver toxic.

What exactly is Alpha-Male? Is the the only thing I will need to use for PCT after an Anavar only cycle? What about liver detox tablets - Should I be taking them throughout the cycle?


The liver toxicity is pretty low between these two drugs - especially at the doses we are talking about. Even taking advil or alcohol liver protection is always a good idea - the basic ones are tudca and NAC, Liv52 is also an option and yes you take them throughout the cycle.
Any steroid use can indirectly (and some directly) mess with your bodies natural production of testosterone and other hormones - Alpha Male is a product that helps keep your body producing naturally. Really unlikely to have issues on the cycle we are discussing, but personally I don’t take any risks when it comes to organ function or sex/reproductive side effects.

Actually some nolvadex and adex would be good also. More so for pct though ala @KSman pct thread