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Anavar Only Cycle.


I'm going to start an Anavar only cycle, 40mg a day for 4 weeks. What do you think my results will be?


slim to non


Who cares? Just run the cycle and you tell us (or dont, it doesnt really matter) what the results are. Any response with a specific answer will be a pure guess. How could that be helpful?






I wanna run the same cycle in the next month


Hey, Ill tell ya right now your prolly not gonna see jack shut, the vat isn't really in it system till beginning of second week, I just got done with a the same var cycle PLUS fifty mgs of dbol and I ran both for six weeks.. Only thing that showed was the dbol, and even that's not enough, starting a adropen cycle now, don't fuck with the just oral cycles, I wasted my time and money..


BLawrence what are you expecting to get from the cycle?